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Sac Town

It's hard to get it started up here
People tryin' it every day
Everybody wanna piece of that mad money.

That's why we're different
We in it for the music
It comes with some benefits
But we don't abuse it
We in it cuz you know we got the passion
Not fo the California dollar
Just can't do that
Can't be in it for the mansions
We wanna make it right
So we try and try
Startin' it off with our dope rhymes
When our beats flow they fly
At your party I'm the holla at guy
With gear from the late eighties
Pimpin' on the fine-lookin' ladies
We got five teenagers
That don't take wagers
Strollin's in cargos, with the cellis and the pagers
Got a manager for free
'Til we hit the jackpot
Now we just can stop
Gotta fight the big fight to get to the top
But that's not known here
Here in Sac Town
We just tryin to put it down
And can't wait to be found
Comin' straight from the underground.


In Sac Town layin' down the flava
Bomb ass shit with the ill behavia
Puttin' it down for Sac Town
People step up and we put the smack down
With the ladies ya know we put the mack down
While you continue to make that wack sound
We're rockin the peeps in Sac Town
The Sac Town layin' down the flava
Bomb ass shit with the ill behavia
White ghetto-ness and we're flawless
Mothas step-up but they're ball-less
Directors with the cut come and call us
Chillin' in north-east Sac so call us ballers
Jumpin' up and bouncin' to the lyrics
Jump up with me if you can hear this
Sac Town on your damn radio
D-C JT talkin' to the ladies and the hoe's
so step down cuz your crampin my style
my ill behavior makes me macin'so i'm wild
we blew out your shit like i'm a ' blow out this mic
we're rockin' 'till dawn and i'm rappin all night
can't slow us down no you can't calm us down
all stupid people, shut up and put your hands down
cuz i don't wanna hear what you got to say
lame ass chorus and your breaks are gay
too boring, it puts me to sleep
but when you hear me, you rise to your feet
and you get down with yo' funky self
who's bringin' this track? Who else?


So this is how i'm puttin it down,
where i'm claimin' my ground,
now tell me, who brings this bomb ass sound?

Sac town!