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First, we wanna give a big shout-out to other bands like the Deftones, KoRn, Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine, Live, Staind, 311, Kid Rock, P.O.D., Fuel, Nirvana, Incubus,Papa Roach, Creed, and 3 Doors Down. Also shout-outs to rappers like Method Man, Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and DMX.

Second, very big thanks from the band to our families, our girlfriends, the Tree People (you know who you are). ALSO, thanks to everyone who visited this page and supported us you are more a part of us than you think.

And Last we have two people who need special recomendation. One being Stephen, our manager, and second, Scott(SKC). We would like to thank Stephen Baker(S~Dawg) for all he's done to support us. From writng and donating some songs to hookin us up with recording studios. Thanx and Peace! And last but most not definately not last is Scott(SKC) who has designed this site. SKC has designed sites such as,, and, most notably, SKC has also designed banners and buttons for numerous other sports related sites, such as If you are interested in having your site designed by SKC, send an e-mail and SKC will review your request.

-Thanx Alot to All-