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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Friday Night/Saturday Mornings on KHSU/KHSU HD 90.5, KHSR 91.9, KHSG 89.9 & from midnight to 3am
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Saturday, January 13, 2018, midnight-3am
His Name Is Alive"Bleeder Poem"The Eclipse
Pascal Pinon"Ekki Vanmeta"Twosomeness
Kevin Drew"Bullshit Ballad"Darlings
A Grave With No Name"Streams"Whirlpool
These New Puritans"Fragment Two"Field of Reeds
Smog"Held"Knock Knock
Jim O’Rourke"Get a Room"Insignificance
Sleeping States"Red King"In the Gardens of the North
Wintersleep"Baltic"New Inheritors
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love"Blackbird 1"Feels, Feathers, Bog and Bees
Lambchop"Gone Tomorrow"Mr. M

North Atlantic Drift"I Have Never Seen the Light"Monuments

Arms and Sleepers"Helvetica"Matador
Pacific UV"Orson"Longplay 2
Pillow"Northern Lattitudes"From Dusk to Dawn
Lubomyr Melnyk"Parasol"Rivers and Streams
Hauschka & Hildur Guðnadóttir"Cool Gray 1"Pan Tone

Tom Carter"Into the Out Of"Long Time Underground

Various"Circle of Sorrow"The World Is Gone
Sol Seppy"Farewell Your Heart"The Bells of 1 2
Julien Baker"Turn Out the Lights"Turn Out the Lights
Elephant Micah"My Cousin’s King"Louder Than Thou
Case Studies"A Beast I Have Yet to Find"This Is Another Life
Cheval Sombre"I Fell in Love"Mad Love
David Thomas Broughton"Gulf"Crippling Lack, Vol. 3
Julie Byrne"All the Land Glimmered"Not Even Happiness
Tara Jane O’Neil"Your Rats Are"In the Sun Lines
Marissa Nadler"Solitude"Strangers
Mirel Wagner"The Dirt"When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, January 6, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 12/30/17 show.

Saturday, December 30, 2017, midnight-3am
The Best of 2017 Part II: Brian's Top 15 Albums

Light InformationbyChad VanGaalen
"Mind Hijacker's Curse"
"Old Heads"


Dirty ProjectorsbyDirty Projectors
"Cool Your Heart"
"Death Spiral"

Stubborn Persistent IllusionsbyDo Make Say Think
"And Boundless"

HausibyStafrænn Hákon

A Crow Looked at MebyMount Eerie
"Real Death"

The World Is a Loud PlacebyLandlady
"Driving in California"
"Electric Abdomen"

HalobyJuana Molina
"Cara de espejo"
"Sin dones"

Every Country's SunbyMogwai
"Party in the Dark"
"Crossing the Road Material"

"White Sun"

A Deeper UnderstandingbyThe War on Drugs
"Thinking of a Place"

Para quienes aún vivenbyExquirla
"Destruidnos juntos"
"Un hombre"

Created in the Image of SufferingbyKing Woman

Hiss SpunbyChelsea Wolfe
"16 Psyche"
"Twin Fawn"

"Everyone Knows"
"No Longer Making Time"

Saturday, December 23, 2017, midnight-3am
The Best of 2017 Part I: The Round-Up
(a selection of perfectly acceptable cuts from 2017 releases, presented in no particular order)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor"Anthem for No State, Pt. I"Luciferian Towers
The Mountain Goats"Rain in Soho"Goths
Grizzly Bear"Three Rings"Painted Ruins
Guided by Voices"Sentimental Wars"August by Cake
Broken Social Scene"Please Take Me With You"Hug of Thunder
The Clientele"Everything You See Tonight
Is Different from Itself"
Music for the Age of Miracles
Cars & Trains"Every Morning"Fictions
Los Angeles Police Department"If I Lied"Los Angeles Police Department {II}
Big Thief"Mythological Beauty"Capacity
Kevin Morby"City Music"City Music
Iron & Wine"Call It Dreaming"Beast Epic
Hiss Golden Messenger"When the Wall Comes Down"Hallelujah Anyhow
Tara Jane O'Neil"Laugh"Tara Jane O'Neil

Hauschka"Nature Fights Back"What If

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton"Statuette"Choir of the Mind
Hundred Waters"Prison Guard"Communicating
Lost Horizons"The Places We've Been"Ojalá
You'll Never Get to Heaven"White Light"Images
The Jesus and Mary Chain"All Things Pass"Damage and Joy
Beach Fossils"Be Nothing"Somersault
Jay Som"Everybody Works"Everybody Works
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith"To Follow & Lead"The Kid
Sylvan Esso"Kick Jump Twist"What Now
Forest Swords"Panic"Compassion
Four Tet"LA Trance"New Energy

Bing & Ruth"The How of It Sped"No Home of the Mind

Six Organs of Admittance"Taken by Ascent"Burning the Threshold
Fleet Foxes"Fool's Errand"Crack-Up
Saltland"I Only Wish This for You"A Common Truth
Pallbearer"Lie of Survival"Heartless
Palehorse / Palerider"Sundowning"Burial Songs
Thunder Dreamer"Living Like the Rest"Capture
Piano Magic"Exile"Closure
Teen Daze"Water in Heaven"Themes for Dying Earth

Saturday, December 16, 2017, midnight-3am
Nils Frahm"Sol"Screws
Exquirla"Un hombre"Para quienes aún viven
Alcest"Écailles de lune - Part 1"Écailles de lune
Sigur Rós"Brennisteinn"Kveikur
Isis + Aereogramme"Low Tide"In the Fishtank 14
Oceans"Your Plane Leaves Tomorrow"Nothing Collapses

Continental"Pacific Sprawl"Four-Letter Words

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos"Houses of Parliament"Born With the Caul
Charalambides"Black Bed Blues"A Vintage Burden

Musk Ox"Part 3 - Arcanum"Woodfall

William Tyler"Whole New Dude"Lost Colony
Steffen Basho-Junghans"Late Summer Morning"Late Summer Morning
Nils Frahm"Tristana"Wintermusik
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, December 9, 2017, midnight-3am
Fires Were Shot"Balfour Hollis"Solace
Benoît Pioulard"The Sun Is Going to Explode
But Whatever It's OK"
The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter
The Tallest Man on Earth"Sagres"Dark Bird Is Home
The Velvet Teen"Sonreo"All Is Illusory
Phosphorescent"The Quotidian Beasts"Muchacho
Circuit des Yeux"Black Fly"Reaching for Indigo
Widowspeak"Dead Love (You're So Still)"All Yours
No Joy"Moon in My Mouth"More Faithful
Big Thief"Great White Shark"Capacity
Low"No Comprende"Ones and Sixes
The Amazing"Picture You"Picture You

Hauschka"I Need Exile"What If

Yndi Halda"This Very Flight"Under Summer
Collections of Colonies of Bees"Flocks III"Birds
Chelsea Wolfe"The Culling"Hiss Spun
King Woman"King of Swords"Doubt
The War on Drugs"Pain"A Deeper Understanding
Sigur Rós"Hljómalind"Hvarf / Heim
You'll Never Get to Heaven"White Light"Images
Planning for Burial"Below the House"Below the House


Matt Elliott"I Only Wanted to Give You Everything"The Calm Before
Lux Interna"Seed"There Is Light in the Body,
There Is Blood in the Sun
Rome"Bread and Wine"A Passage to Rhodesia
Boduf Songs"I Am Going Away and I Am
Never Coming Back"
This Alone Above All Else
in Spite of Everything
Tara Jane O'Neil"Purple"Tara Jane O'Neil
David Novick"Ashtray"David Novick
Pillars and Tongues"Made Sheen"Lay of Pilgrim Park
Meursault"One Day This'll All Be Fields"All Creatures Will Make Merry
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, December 2, 2017, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 11/25/17 show.

Saturday, November 25, 2017, midnight-3am
Bersarin Quartett"Sanft verblassen die Geschichten"III
Deerhunter"Take Care"Fading Frontier
Destroyer"Dream Lover"Poison Season
Mice Parade"The Nights After Fiction"Mice Parade
Evening Hymns"If I Were a Portal"Quiet Energies
Port O'Brien"Oslo Campfire"Threadbare
Ola Podrida"Not Ready to Stop"Ghosts Go Blind
Sea Wolf"Where the Wind Blows"Song of the Magpie / Where
the Wind Blows
Chad VanGaalen"Red Blood"Infiniheart
EL VY"No Time to Crank the Sun"Return to the Moon
Lost in the Trees"Neither Here Nor There"A Church That Fits Our Needs
Volcano Choir"Almanac"Repave

Mogwai"Auto Rock"Mr. Beast

Kodiak Deathbeds"Borderline"Kodiak Deathbeds
Arthur & Yu"Lion's Mouth"In Camera
Phosphorescent"Muchacho's Tune"Muchacho
Gem Club"252"Breakers
Julien Baker"Blacktop"Sprained Ankle
Meg Baird"Stars Unwinding"Don't Weigh Down the Light
Bill Callahan"One Fine Morning"Apocalypse
Low"Spanish Translation"Ones and Sixes
Nina Nastasia"Wakes"Outlaster
Lewis & Clarke"Before It Breaks You"Blasts of Holy Birth

William Tyler"The Last Residents of Westfall"Impossible Truth

Spokes"We Like to Dance and Steal Things"People Like People Like You
Explosions in the Sky"Let Me Back In"Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Do Make Say Think"Make"Other Truths
The Drift"Fountain"Blue Hour
This Will Destroy You"The Mighty Rio Grande"This Will Destroy You
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, November 18, 2017, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 11/11/17 show.

Saturday, November 11, 2017, midnight-3am
At the Close of Every Day"De vaart der volkeren"Monsters
Hiss Golden Messenger"Saturday's Song"Lateness of Dancers
Jimi Goodwin"Oh! Whiskey"Odludek
The Amazing"Captured Light"Picture You
Big Thief"Mythological Beauty"Capacity
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton"Statuette"Choir of the Mind
Piano Magic"Exile"Closure
Ramona Lisa"Dominic"Arcadia
Guided by Voices"Sentimental Wars"August by Cake
Grand Archives"Silver Amongst the Gold"Keep in Mind Frankenstein
Whitney"The Falls"Light Upon the Lake
Philip Selway"Around Again"Weatherhouse
Saintseneca"Happy Alone"Dark Arc

Moon Duo"Mirror's Edge"Occult Architecture, Vol. 2

Carl Broemel"Sleepy Lagoon"4th of July
Kurt Vile"Snowflakes Are Dancing"Wakin on a Pretty Daze
Cass McCombs"Harmonia"Catacombs
Kevin Morby"Crybaby"City Music
Maps & Atlases"Silver Self"Beware and Be Grateful
Wilco"Cold Slope"Star Wars
Landlady"Electric Abdomen"The World Is a Loud Place
Lou Barlow"Too Much Freedom"Goodnight Unknown
Benoît Pioulard"Ragged Tint"Temper
Imaad Wasif"Her Sorcery"The Voidest
First Aid Kit"This Old Routine"The Lion's Roar
Connan Mockasin & Devonté Hynes"Feelin' Lovely"Myths 001

Four Tet"LA Trance"New Energy

Mint Julep"No Letting Go"Save Your Season
Lush"Burnham Beeches"Blind Spot
Flock of Dimes"The Joke"If You See Me, Say Yes
Wild Nothing"Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl)"Empty Estate
TW Walsh"The Bright Void"Fruitless Research
Bibio"Artists' Valley"Mind Bokeh
High Places"Constant Winter"High Places vs. Mankind
Yppah f/ Anomie Belle"Soon Enough"Eighty One
Apse"Closure"Climb Up
Dreamers of the Ghetto"Dark Falcons"Enemy / Lover
Boduf Songs"Last Song Save One"Stench of Exist
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, November 4, 2017, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 10/28/17 show.

Saturday, October 28, 2017, midnight-3am
Dralms"Domino House"Shook
The Velvet Teen"The Manifest"All Is Illusory
Exquirla"Destruidnos juntos"Para quienes aún viven
Beach House"Elegy to the Void"Thank Your Lucky Stars
Jessica Bailiff"Sanguine"At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky
Low"The Innocents"Ones and Sixes
Daughter"Hope"Music from Before the Storm
Blueneck"Anything Other Than Breathing"King Nine
Zelienople"When You Were 9"Stone Academy

Matt Elliott"Forty Days"The Mess We Made

Windhand"Hesperus"Grief's Infernal Flower
SubRosa"Ghosts of a Dead Empire"More Constant Than the Gods
Chelsea Wolfe"Spun"Hiss Spun
Jesu"Sun Day"Jesu
True Widow"KR"True Widow
Floor"Love Comes Crushing"Oblation

Earth"Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon"Primitive and Deadly

Inventions"Blanket Waves"Blanket Waves
Rafael Anton Irisarri"Empire Systems"A Fragile Geography
Evan Caminiti"Joaquin"Toxic City Music
Steve Hauschildt"Arpeggiare"Where All Is Fled
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom"Relevée"The Days of Mars
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow