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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Friday Night/Saturday Mornings on KHSU/KHSU HD 90.5, KHSR 91.9, KHSG 89.9 & from midnight to 3am
this page consists of playlists for the prior 12 weeks.
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Saturday, June 16, 2018, midnight-3am
Bibio"Marram"Hand Cranked
Low"Fly"Double Negative
oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls"Yr Love"Faminine Mystique
Blurred City Lights"Secrets"Volker
Phosphorescent"The Quotidian Beasts"Muchacho
Shipping News"Untitled w/ Drums"Flies the Fields
Mary Lorson & Billy Coté"Dig a Hole"Piano Creeps
Boduf Songs"Things Not to Be Done on the Sabbath"How Shadows Chase the Balance
Tara Jane O'Neil"Howl"You Sound, Reflect
Sharon Van Etten"Give Out"Tramp
Under Byen"Unoder"Alt er tabt

William Tyler"Sunken Garden"Modern Country

Sigur Rós"Andvari"Takk…
Ef"Hello Scotland"Give Me Beauty… or Give Me Death!
Early Day Miners"Offshore"Let Us Garlands Bring
True Widow"What Finds Me"Avvolgere
Chelsea Wolfe"Iron Moon"Abyss
No Joy"Starchild Is Dead"Pastel and Pass Out

Eluvium"A Life in Tides Less Current"Leaves Eclipse the Light

Loma"I Don't Want Children"Loma
Quinimine"Filaments"Like Pistons for Engines
Califone"Evidence"All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
L'altra"Ways Out"In the Afternoon
A Weather"Shirley Road Shirley"Cove
Carissa's Wierd"Farewell to All These Rotten Teeth"Songs About Leaving
Ida"So Long"The Braille Night
Low"Back Home Again"Take Me Home | A Tribute to
John Denver {compilation}
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, June 9, 2018, midnight-3am
At the Close of Every Day"The Glory of Ignorance"Zalig Zijn de Armen Van Geest
Spokes"We Like to Dance and Steal Things"People Like People Like You
Do Make Say Think"The Universe!"You, You're a History in Rust
Pelican"Far from Fields"City of Echoes
Mogwai"You Don't Know Jesus"Rock Action
Mono"Human Highway"Under the Pipal Tree
Explosions in the Sky"The Only Moment We Were Alone"The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

Tape"Dust and Light"Revelationes

Rachel's"Water from the Same Source"Systems / Layers
Talkdemonic"Bering"Beat Romantic
Hangedup"Go Let's Go"Clatter for Control
Esmerine"Mechanics of Dominion"Mechanics of Dominion
Musk Ox"Part 5 - Serenade the Constellations"Woodfall
Dirty Three"I Offered It Up to the Stars & the Night Sky"Whatever You Love, You Are

Balmorhea"Waiting Itself"Clear Language

Brokeback"Don't Worry Pigeon"Brokeback and the Black Rock
Japancakes"Where Things Leave Off"Waking Hours
Lanterna"Last Practice"Highways
This Will Destroy You"The Mighty Rio Grande"This Will Destroy You
The Drift"Fountain"Blue Hour
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, June 2, 2018, midnight-3am
Technical Issues
Segments from multiple shows aired out of order.

Saturday, May 26, 2018, midnight-3am
Technical Issues
Segments from multiple shows aired out of order.

Saturday, May 19, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 5/12/18 show.

Saturday, May 12, 2018, midnight-3am
Hildur Guđnadóttir"Erupting Light"Without Sinking
Wye Oak"It Was Not Natural"The Louder I Call, The
Faster It Runs
Beach House"Black Car"7
Landing"Secret"Bells in New Towns
Loma"Dark Oscillations"Loma
Dirty Projectors"Break-Thru"Lamp Lit Prose
Lord Huron"When the Night Is Over"Vide Noir
Cut Worms"How It Can Be"Hollow Ground
Damien Jurado"Allocate"The Horizon Just Laughed
Horse Feathers"Faultline Wall"Appreciation
Amen Dunes"Believe"Freedom
Bonny Doon"A Lotta Things"Longwave
S. Carey"More I See"Hundred Acres


King Woman"I Wanna Be Adored"I Wanna Be Adored {single}
The Twilight Sad"In Nowheres"Nobody Wants to Be Here and
Nobody Wants to Leave
WU LYF"We Bros"Go Tell Fire to the Mountain
Parts & Labor"Little Ones"Receivers
Neon Lights"Take Me"A Slice of Life
A Grave With No Name"Pottery & Porcelain"Passover
Black Walls"Field Two"Communion
Boduf Songs"Everyone Will Let You
Down in the End"
Burnt Up on Re-Entry
Sianspheric"Eight Hundred Mixer"There's Always Someplace
You'd Rather Be

Mogwai"Weak Force"Atomic

Dylan Carlson"Conquistador"Conquistador
Jim O'Rourke"The Visitor"The Visitor
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, May 5, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 4/14/18 show.

Saturday, April 28, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 4/21/18 show.

Saturday, April 21, 2018, midnight-3am
Instrumental Quarter"Just a Dream"No More Secrets
The Extra Lens"Some Other Way"Undercard
Timber Timbre"I Get Low"Timber Timbre
Six Organs of Admittance"Coming to Get You"Shelter from the Ash
She, Sir"I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes"Who Can't Say Yes
Tears Run Rings"The Weight of Love"Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never
Young Prisms"Midnight's When"In Between
Marriages"Ten Tiny Fingers"Kitsune
Whirr"Wait"Pipe Dreams
Arrange"Caves"New Memory
A Perfect Friend"Picture"A Perfect Friend

The Gentleman Losers"Pebble Beach"Dustland

Hood"It's Been a Long Time Since
I Was Last Here"
Home Is Where It Hurts
De La Mancha"Being a Hero Is Easy"Atlas
Sleeping States"The Next Village"In the Gardens of the North
Slowblow"Hamburger Cemetary"Slowblow
Carissa's Wierd"So You Wanna Be a Superhero"Songs About Leaving
Wye Oak"If Children Were Wishes"If Children
Gravenhurst"The Ghost of Saint Paul"The Ghost in Daylight
Damon & Naomi"We're Not There"Playback Singers
Rivulets"Motioning"You Are My Home

Fires Were Shot"Eierie"Solace

The Murder of Crows"Down by the Lake"Imperfecta
Yellow6"Away to Here"Old
Windy & Carl"The Smell of Old Books"We Will Always Be
Red House Painters"Katy Song"Red House Painters {rollercoaster}
Early Day Miners"Desert Cantos"Placer Found
Trespassers William"Red"The Natural Order of Things
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, April 14, 2018, midnight-3am
Calexico"Pepita"Feast of Wire
S. Carey"Fool's Gold"Hundred Acres
A Grave With No Name"Hot Blood"Passover
Mimicking Birds"One Eyed Jack"Layers of Us
Big Thief"Shark Smile"Capacity
Teen Daze"It Starts at the Water"Morning World
Sharon Van Etten"Every Time the Sun Comes Up"Are We There
Father John Misty"Holy Shit"I Love You, Honeybear
Hiss Golden Messenger"Harder Rain"Hallelujah Anyhow
First Aid Kit"Distant Star"Ruins
Kevin Morby"Harlem River"Harlem River
Strand of Oaks"Sterling"Pope Killdragon


Eastern Hollows"One Less Heart"Eastern Hollows
De La Mancha"Release All Light"Atlas
Early Day Miners"The Surface of Things"The Treatment
The Besnard Lakes"And You Lied to Me"The Besnard Lakes Are
the Dark Horse
Stafrćnn Hákon"Sanitas"Sanitas
Isis + Aereogramme"Low Tide"In the Fishtank 14
Boduf Songs"Decapitation Blues"This Alone Above All Else
in Spite of Everything

Dirty Three"Long Way to Go With No Punch"She Has No Strings Apollo

Peter Broderick"Carried"Partners
Forest Swords"Knife Edge"Compassion
Lubomyr Melnyk"Parasol"Rivers and Streams
Inventions"Slow Breathing Circuit"Maze of Woods
Ian William Craig"Contain" {Astoria version}Centres
Mojave 3"Bluebird of Happiness"Spoon and Rafter
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, April 7, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 3/31/18 show.

Saturday, March 31, 2018, midnight-3am
Fires Were Shot"Balfour Hollis"Solace
Aarktica"Ocean"Pure Tone Audiometry
Lower Dens"Tea Lights"Twin-Hand Movement
Wye Oak"Civilian"Civilian
Sharon Van Etten"I Don't Want to Let You Down"I Don't Want to Let You Down EP
Smog"Hit the Ground Running"Knock Knock
Red House Painters"Byrd Joel"Old Ramon
Calexico"Black Heart"Feast of Wire
Sigur Rós"Ágćtis byrjun"Ágćtis byrjun
Function"The Red Hook Overview"The Secret Miracle Fountain


Explosions in the Sky"Your Hand in Mine"The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
Do Make Say Think"Fredericia"Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
This Will Destroy You"They Move on Tracks of
Never-Ending Light"
This Will Destroy You
Stafrćnn Hákon"Kjammi"Ventill / Poki
Dirty Three"Rude (And Then Some
Slight Return)"
She Has No Strings Apollo
Low + Dirty Three"Down by the River"In the Fishtank 7

Mogwai"Mogwai Fear Satan"Young Team

Labradford"G"Mi Media Naranja
The Dead Texan"Glen's Goo"The Dead Texan
Brian McBride"Our Last Moment in Song"When the Detail Lost Its Freedom
Windy & Carl"Consciousness"Consciousness
Matt Elliott"Cotard's Syndrome"The Mess We Made
Matt Christensen"Now You Have Won /
I'm the One"
A Cradle in the Bowery
Grouper"Vital"The Man Who Died in His Boat
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow