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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Friday Night/Saturday Mornings on KHSU/KHSU HD 90.5, KHSR 91.9, KHSG 89.9 & from midnight to 3am
this page consists of playlists for the prior 12 weeks.
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Saturday, August 25, 2018, midnight-3am
Bersarin Quartett"Alles ist ein Wunder"II
Trevor Powers"Dicegame"Mulberry Violence
Benoît Pioulard"Mercy" {Fieldhead remix}Hymnal Remixes
Low"Disarray"Double Negative
Tame Impala"The Moment"Currents
Teen Daze"Along"Morning World
Philip Selway"Turning It Inside Out"Weatherhouse
Land of Talk"Color Me Badd"Cloak and Cipher
Samara Lubelski"Breaker Lights"Wavelength
Young Magic"Night in the Ocean"Melt
Altar Eagle"Carousel Ocean"Nightrunners
Inventions"Feeling the Sun Thru the Earth at Night"Maze of Woods

Múm"In through the Lamp"Green Grass of Tunnel {single}

Novemthree"Autumnal Procession"Renewing
Carta"The Last Name of Your First Love"The Faults Follow
Gravenhurst"Fitzrovia"The Ghost in Daylight
Gem Club"Polly"In Roses
Mike Wexler"Pariah"Dispossession
Orcas"Little a Strongly More Grow I"Orcas {bonus track}
Sleepingdog"Untitled Ballad of You and Me"With Our Heads in the Clouds
and Our Hearts in the Fields
Valley of the Giants"Bala Bay Inn"Valley of the Giants

Barn Owl"Turiya"Lost in the Glare

Godspeed You! Black Emperor"We Drift Like Worried Fire"'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Yndi Halda"This Very Flight"Under Summer
Kyle Bobby Dunn"Movement for the Completely Fucked"Ways of Meaning
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, August 18, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 8/11/18 show.

Saturday, August 11, 2018, midnight-3am
At the Close of Every Day"De vaart der volkeren"Monsters
Emma Ruth Rundle"Darkhorse"On Dark Horses
Junip"Line of Fire"Junip
Phosphorescent"New Birth in New England"C'est La Vie
Chastity Belt"Different Now"I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
Fossil Collective"On and On"Tell Where I Lie
Philip Selway"Around Again"Weatherhouse
Big Thief"Mythological Beauty"Capacity
Cigarettes After Sex"Apocalypse"Cigarettes After Sex
Dirty Projectors f/ Empress Of"Zombie Conqueror"Lamp Lit Prose
Yeasayer"I Remember"Odd Blood
Fenster"Fantasy II"Bones
Whitney"Golden Days"Light Upon the Lake

Hauschka"Agdam"Abandoned City

Woods"Blood Dries Darker"At Echo Lake
Vetiver"Wonder Why"The Errant Charm
Fear of Men"Luna"Loom
Alcest"Into the Waves"Shelter {bonus track}
The Notwist"Consequence"Neon Golden
TW Walsh"Chocolate Milk"Fruitless Research
Alias f/ Why?"Well Water Black"Resurgam
Subtle"Sinking Pinks"Yell & Ice
Astronautalis"The Case of William Smith"Pomegranate
Bibio"More Excuses"Mind Bokeh

Four Tet"Hands"Rounds

Wye Oak"Dogs Eyes"Civilian
Apse"Blown Doors"Climb Up
Sigur Rós"Hljómalind"Hvarf / Heim
Low"Lies"Ones and Sixes
Pyramids"The Echo of Something
Lovely" {Jesu remix}
Under Byen"Den her sang handler om at
få det bedste ud af det"
Samme stof som stof
The Twilight Singers"The Twilite Kid"Twilight as Played by The Twilight Singers
The War on Drugs"Thinking of a Place"A Deeper Understanding
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, August 4, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 7/7/18 show.

Saturday, July 28, 2018, midnight-3am
Hauschka"Cube"Salon des Amateurs
Phosphorescent"Song for Zula"Muchacho
Azeda Booth"First Little Britches"In Flesh Tones
Radiohead"Identikit"A Moon Shaped Pool
Kevin Morby"Black Flowers"Singing Saw
Mimicking Birds"Walking in the Air"Walking in the Air {single}
Gravenhurst"Bluebeard"Flashlight Seasons
The Tallest Man on Earth"Little Brother"There's No Leaving Now
Lou Barlow"Gravitate"Goodnight Unknown
Nina Nastasia"You Can Take Your Time"Outlaster
Tara Jane O'Neil"Famous Yellow Belly"Bones
Sharon Van Etten"All I Can"Tramp


The One AM Radio"Mercury"This Too Will Pass
Junip"Without You"Fields
Winterpills"Hide Me"The Light Divides
Widowspeak"Stoned"All Yours
Early Day Miners"We Know in Part"All Harm Ends Here
Minmae"Your Band Controls the Weather"835
Siskiyou"Never Ever Ever Ever Again"Siskiyou
Paul Duncan"Oil in the Fields"Be Careful What You Call Home
Bill Callahan"Drover"Apocalypse
Bon Iver"Holocene"Bon Iver, Bon Iver
Boduf Songs"The Rotted Names"Stench of Exist
A Whisper in the Noise"Your Hand"To Forget

Aarktica"You Have Cured a Million Ghosts
from Roaming in My Head"
No Solace in Sleep

Matt Elliott"The Allegory of the Cave"The Calm Before
Califone"New Black Tooth"Roomsound
David Thomas Broughton"I Close My Eyes"Crippling Lack, Vol. 2
Richard Youngs"The Graze of Days"Sapphie
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, July 21, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 7/14/18 show.

Saturday, July 14, 2018, midnight-3am
Leon Vynehall"It Breaks (Chapter IX)"Nothing Is Still
Kye Kye"Glass"Fantasize
Grasscut"Meltwater"1 Inch ½ Mile
Lost in the Trees"Night Walking"Past Life
Dirty Projectors f/ Syd"Right Now"Lamp Lit Prose
Youth Lagoon"Dropla"Wondrous Bughouse
Oso Leone"Alçaria"Mokragora
Message to Bears"Two Finds Two"Maps
Cross Record"High Rise"Wabi-Sabi
Sol Seppy"Slo Fuzz"The Bells of 1 2
Chantal Acda"We Must Hold On"Let Your Hands Be My Guide

James Blackshaw"Part 4"Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat

Heartscape Landbreak"A Hawk to the Wind"Practitioners of Light
Heron Oblivion"Rama"Heron Oblivion
Six Organs of Admittance"Close to the Sky"Ascent
Retribution Gospel Choir"Seven"3

Explosions in the Sky"Infinite Orbit"The Wilderness

Toundra"Bizancio / Byzantium"(II)
Russian Circles"Carpe"Enter
Pelican"City of Echoes"City of Echoes
Do Make Say Think"Executioner Blues"You, You're a History in Rust
Godspeed You Black Emperor!"Moya"Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada E.P.
A Silver Mt. Zion"Sit in the Middle of Three
Galloping Dogs"
He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts
of Light Sometimes Grace the
Corner of Our Rooms…
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, July 7, 2018, midnight-3am
Trace Bundy"Adventures in Sawyerland"Elephant King
Sam Amidon"You Better Mind"I See the Sign
Horse Feathers"Evictions"Appreciation
The Angels of Light"Nations"Everything Is Good Here / Please Come Home
Owl John"A Good Reason to Grow Old"Owl John
Richard Swift"Most of What I Know"Dressed Up for the Letdown
Damien Jurado"Cloudy Shoes"Saint Bartlett
Songs: Ohia"Blue Factory Flame"Didn't It Rain
Elephant Micah"Tin Foil Continent"Louder Than Thou
Case Studies"Passage / Me in the Dark"This Is Another Life
The Mountain Goats"Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise"Babylon Springs

Yppah"Some Have Said"Eighty One

Pascal Pinon"Ekki Vanmeta"Twosomeness
Kevin Drew"Bullshit Ballad"Darlings
A Grave With No Name"Streams"Whirlpool
These New Puritans"Fragment Two"Field of Reeds
Smog"Held"Knock Knock
Jim O'Rourke"Get a Room"Insignificance
Lambchop"Gone Tomorrow"Mr. M
The Clientele"House on Fire"The Violet Hour
Sleeping States"Red King"In the Gardens of the North
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love"Blackbird 1"Feels, Feathers, Bog and Bees

Ant'lrd & Benoît Pioulard"Elan"Deck Amber

Moon Duo"The Crystal World"Occult Architecture, Vol. 2
Mark McGuire"The Instinct"The Instinct
Forest Swords"Arms Out"Compassion
Gidge"Rest"Autumn Bells
Gas"Narkopop 10"Narkopop
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, June 30, 2018, midnight-3am
Daniel Lanois"Panorama"Belladonna
Amen Dunes"Skipping School"Freedom
Hiss Golden Messenger"Happy Day (Sister My Sister)"Heart Like a Levee
Benoît Pioulard"I Walked into the Blackness and Built a Fire"The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter
Shannon Wright"Tall Countryside"Honeybee Girls
Emma Ruth Rundle"Fever Dreams"On Dark Horses
Jenny Hval"Period Piece"Blood Bitch
Lower Dens"Hospice Gates"Twin-Hand Movement
Beach House"Last Ride"7
Collections of Colonies of Bees"Ruins"Hawaii
Menomena"Strongest Man in the World"I Am the Fun Blame Monster!
Namelessnumberheadman"An Unproven Theorem"When We Leave, We Will
Know Where We've Been

Marisa Anderson"Sun Song"Cloud Corner

Marissa Nadler"For My Crimes"For My Crimes
The Tallest Man on Earth"Rivers"Rivers {single}
David Thomas Broughton"Dots"Crippling Lack, Vol. 1
Dirty Projectors"That's a Lifestyle"Lamp Lit Prose
Landlady"The Globe"Upright Behavior
Grizzly Bear"Sun in Your Eyes"Shields
Fredrik"Alina's Place"Na Na Ni
Gruff Rhys"Selfies in the Sunset"Babelsberg
Salim Nourallah"The World Is Full of People
Who Want to Hurt You"
Beautiful Noise
The Mountain Goats"Lakeside View Apartments Suite"Transcendental Youth

Matt Elliott"I Would Have Woken You With This Song"Only Myocardial Infarction
Can Break Your Heart

William Tyler"Highway Anxiety"Modern Country
Igloo"Ships That Pass in the Night"Igloo
Eluvium"Indoor Swimming at the Space Station"Copia
Landing"Music for Three Synthesizers"Brocade
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, June 23, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 6/16/18 show.

Saturday, June 16, 2018, midnight-3am
Bibio"Marram"Hand Cranked
Low"Fly"Double Negative
oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls"Yr Love"Faminine Mystique
Blurred City Lights"Secrets"Volker
Phosphorescent"The Quotidian Beasts"Muchacho
Shipping News"Untitled w/ Drums"Flies the Fields
Mary Lorson & Billy Coté"Dig a Hole"Piano Creeps
Boduf Songs"Things Not to Be Done on the Sabbath"How Shadows Chase the Balance
Tara Jane O'Neil"Howl"You Sound, Reflect
Sharon Van Etten"Give Out"Tramp
Under Byen"Unoder"Alt er tabt

William Tyler"Sunken Garden"Modern Country

Sigur Rós"Andvari"Takk…
Ef"Hello Scotland"Give Me Beauty… or Give Me Death!
Early Day Miners"Offshore"Let Us Garlands Bring
True Widow"What Finds Me"Avvolgere
Chelsea Wolfe"Iron Moon"Abyss
No Joy"Starchild Is Dead"Pastel and Pass Out

Eluvium"A Life in Tides Less Current"Leaves Eclipse the Light

Loma"I Don't Want Children"Loma
Quinimine"Filaments"Like Pistons for Engines
Califone"Evidence"All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
L'altra"Ways Out"In the Afternoon
A Weather"Shirley Road Shirley"Cove
Carissa's Wierd"Farewell to All These Rotten Teeth"Songs About Leaving
Ida"So Long"The Braille Night
Low"Back Home Again"Take Me Home | A Tribute to
John Denver {compilation}
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, June 9, 2018, midnight-3am
At the Close of Every Day"The Glory of Ignorance"Zalig Zijn de Armen Van Geest
Spokes"We Like to Dance and Steal Things"People Like People Like You
Do Make Say Think"The Universe!"You, You're a History in Rust
Pelican"Far from Fields"City of Echoes
Mogwai"You Don't Know Jesus"Rock Action
Mono"Human Highway"Under the Pipal Tree
Explosions in the Sky"The Only Moment We Were Alone"The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

Tape"Dust and Light"Revelationes

Rachel's"Water from the Same Source"Systems / Layers
Talkdemonic"Bering"Beat Romantic
Hangedup"Go Let's Go"Clatter for Control
Esmerine"Mechanics of Dominion"Mechanics of Dominion
Musk Ox"Part 5 - Serenade the Constellations"Woodfall
Dirty Three"I Offered It Up to the Stars & the Night Sky"Whatever You Love, You Are

Balmorhea"Waiting Itself"Clear Language

Brokeback"Don't Worry Pigeon"Brokeback and the Black Rock
Japancakes"Where Things Leave Off"Waking Hours
Lanterna"Last Practice"Highways
This Will Destroy You"The Mighty Rio Grande"This Will Destroy You
The Drift"Fountain"Blue Hour
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow