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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Friday Night/Saturday Mornings on KHSU/KHSU HD 90.5, KHSR 91.9, KHSG 89.9 & from midnight to 3am
this page consists of playlists for the prior 12 weeks.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018, midnight-3am
Tren Brothers"Jenny's Song"Blue Trees {split}
Damien Jurado"Over Rainbows and Rainier"The Horizon Just Laughed
Corrina Repp"Release Me"The Pattern of Electricity
Ola Podrida"Pour Me Another"Ola Podrida
Idaho"Evolution Is Cold"Hearts of Palm
Mount Eerie"Distortion"Now Only
Boduf Songs"Quiet When Group"How Shadows Chase the Balance
Neon Lights"Twirling the Twilight"A Slice of Life
Rivulets "Your Own Place to Ruin"I Remember Everything
The American Analog Set"We're Computerizing and We Just
Don't Need You Anymore"
Know by Heart

Foxhole"Through Bone and Marrow"We the Wintering Tree

Beach House"Dive"7
Luby Sparks"Before You Dive"Luby Sparks
The Besnard Lakes"Devastation"The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse
Zak Sally"T.D.T.S."Zak Sally's Fear of Song
Raising the Fawn"Until It Starts Again"The Maginot Line
Ef"401 Lwa"Mourning Golden Morning
Mint Julep"The Promise"Broken Devotion
Suuns"Watch You, Watch Me"Felt

Moon Duo"The Crystal World"Occult Architecture, Vol. 2

The Black Heart Procession + Solbakken"Things Go On With Mistakes"In the Fishtank 11
90 Day Men"Too Late or Too Dead"Panda Park
Minmae"Ride the Lightning"835
The Velvet Teen"Chimera Obscurant"Elysium
Exquirla"Europa muda"Para quienes aún viven
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, March 10, 2018, midnight-3am
Dirty Three"It Happened"Cinder
Horse Feathers"Without Applause"Appreciation
Strand of Oaks"Hard to Be Young"Darker Shores
Evening Hymns"Oh Man You'll Walk Again and Again"Quiet Energies
Pela"Waiting on the Stairs"Anytown Graffiti
Yo La Tengo"For You Too"There's a Riot Going On
Viva Voce"So Many Miles"Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Junip"In Every Direction"Fields
Lost in the Trees"Red"A Church That Fits Our Needs
The Books"Beautiful People"The Way Out
Bibio"À tout à l'heure"Silver Wilkinson
Astronautalis"The Wondersmith and His Sons"Pomegranate
Subtle"Return of the Vein"For Hero: For Fool

William Tyler"Hotel Catatonia"Impossible Truth

Timber Timbre"Lay Down in the Tall Grass"Timber Timbre
Phosphorescent"Muchacho's Tune"Muchacho
Doveman"Secret"With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead
William Elliott Whitmore"Everything Gets Gone"Field Songs
Smog"Rock Bottom Riser"A River Ain't Too Much to Love
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy"Then the Letting Go"The Letting Go
Jason Molina"Honey, Watch Your Ass"Pyramid Electric Co.
Kodiak Deathbeds"Borderline"Kodiak Deathbeds
The Tallest Man on Earth"Wind and Walls"There's No Leaving Now
Lou Barlow"Anniversary Song"Apocalypse Fetish

The For Carnation"The Joys of Fever"Sounds of the Geographically

The Third Eye Foundation"Wake the Dead"Wake the Dead
Godspeed You! Black Emperor"Anthem for No State, Pt. III"Luciferian Towers
Windy & Carl"Sunrise"Antarctica: The Bliss Out, Vol. 2
Barn Owl"The Opulent Decline"V
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, March 3, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 2/24/18 show.

Saturday, February 24, 2018, midnight-3am
Nils Frahm"All Melody"All Melody
Esmerine"La lucha es una sola"Mechanics of Dominion
Balmorhea"Sky Could Undress"Clear Language
Loma"Black Willow"Loma
Mimicking Birds"Great Wave"Layers of Us
Fear of Men"Island"Fall Forever
Young Magic"Lucien"Still Life
Damien Jurado"Nothing Is the News"Maraqopa
Bill Callahan"Jim Cain"Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle
Port O'Brien"Calm Me Down"Threadbare

Drowsy"Good Old Odd Gold"Snow on Moss on Stone

Vaura"Braced for Collapse"The Missing
King Woman"Deny"Created in the Image of Suffering
True Widow"Boaz"As High as the Highest Heavens and from the
Center to the Circumference of the Earth
Slowdive"Don't Know Why"Slowdive
Tears Run Rings"Green Lakes"In Surges
No Joy"Maggie Says I Love You"Ghost Blonde
Broken Water"River Under the River"Tempest
Tamaryn"Sandstone"The Waves
Alcest"Je suis d'ailleurs"Kodama

Dälek"6dB"Asphalt for Eden

Fur"Black Castles"Witches
Boards of Canada"Amo Bishop Roden"In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Gidge"You"Autumn Bells
Forest Swords"War It"Compassion
Tropic of Cancer"The Seasons Won't Change
(And Neither Will You)"
Restless Idylls
The Third Eye Foundation"Anhedonia"The Dark
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, February 17, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 1/13/18 show.

Saturday, February 10, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 1/13/18 show.

Saturday, February 3, 2018, midnight-3am
Goldmund"In a Notebook"The Malady of Elegance
H.C. McEntire"Dress in the Dark"Lionheart
Stick in the Wheel"Roving Blade"Follow Them True
First Aid Kit"Nothing Has to Be True"Ruins
Calexico"Thrown to the Wild"The Thread That Keeps Us
Mimicking Birds"Lumens"Layers of Us
Gem Club"Lands"Breakers
Matt Christensen"Someday I Won't Matter"A Cradle in the Bowery
Black Walls"Field One"Mary of the Shrines
Boduf Songs"27th Raven's Head (Darkness Showing
Through the Head of the Raven)"
Lion Devours the Sun

Tape"In Valleys"Revelationes

The For Carnation"Moonbeams"The For Carnation
Low"Lullaby"I Could Live in Hope
The Sonora Pine"Cloister"II
The Halifax Pier"Halifax Bound"The Halifax Pier
Hayden"Bullet"The Closer I Get
Damien Jurado"Curbside"Rehearsals for Departure
Yo La Tengo"Big Day Coming" {I}Painful

Antenne"PPG Hold Prg. 11"#1

Dirty Three"Deep Waters"Ocean Songs
Esmerine"There Were No Footprints in
the Dust Behind Them…"
If Only a Sweet Surrender to
the Nights to Come Be True
Grace Cathedral Park"Latter Day Love Affairs and Everything
Else You Would Hope to Forget"
In the Evenings of Regret
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, January 27, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 1/20/18 show.

Saturday, January 20, 2018, midnight-3am
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto"Microon III"Summvs
Loma"Relay Runner"Loma
Shearwater"Backchannels"Jet Plane and Oxbow
The Amazing"Circles"Picture You
Rivulets"Ride On, Molina"I Remember Everything
De La Mancha"Being a Hero Is Easy"Atlas
Jeniferever"Nangijala"Spring Tides
Gregor Samsa"Young and Old"55:12

Continental"High Beams"Four-Letter Words

True Widow"Sunday Driver"True Widow
Jesu"Tired of Me"Jesu
Retribution Gospel Choir"Can't Walk Out"3
Bitcrush"Fray the Middle to Meet the Ends"Of Embers

The Roots of Orchis"Hypoxia"Crooked Ceilings

Yndi Halda"Illuminate My Heart, My Darling!"Enjoy Eternal Bliss
The Swords Project"Shannon's Wedding Song"The Swords Project
Ef"Bear"I Am Responsible
Mogwai"May Nothing But Happiness
Come Through Your Door"
Come on Die Young
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, January 13, 2018, midnight-3am
His Name Is Alive"Bleeder Poem"The Eclipse
Pascal Pinon"Ekki Vanmeta"Twosomeness
Kevin Drew"Bullshit Ballad"Darlings
A Grave With No Name"Streams"Whirlpool
These New Puritans"Fragment Two"Field of Reeds
Smog"Held"Knock Knock
Jim O’Rourke"Get a Room"Insignificance
Sleeping States"Red King"In the Gardens of the North
Wintersleep"Baltic"New Inheritors
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love"Blackbird 1"Feels, Feathers, Bog and Bees
Lambchop"Gone Tomorrow"Mr. M

North Atlantic Drift"I Have Never Seen the Light"Monuments

Arms and Sleepers"Helvetica"Matador
Pacific UV"Orson"Longplay 2
Pillow"Northern Lattitudes"From Dusk to Dawn
Lubomyr Melnyk"Parasol"Rivers and Streams
Hauschka & Hildur Guðnadóttir"Cool Gray 1"Pan Tone

Tom Carter"Into the Out Of"Long Time Underground

Various"Circle of Sorrow"The World Is Gone
Sol Seppy"Farewell Your Heart"The Bells of 1 2
Julien Baker"Turn Out the Lights"Turn Out the Lights
Elephant Micah"My Cousin’s King"Louder Than Thou
Case Studies"A Beast I Have Yet to Find"This Is Another Life
Cheval Sombre"I Fell in Love"Mad Love
David Thomas Broughton"Gulf"Crippling Lack, Vol. 3
Julie Byrne"All the Land Glimmered"Not Even Happiness
Tara Jane O’Neil"Your Rats Are"In the Sun Lines
Marissa Nadler"Solitude"Strangers {bonus track}
Mirel Wagner"The Dirt"When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day
Mojave 3"Love Songs on the Radio"Ask Me Tomorrow

Saturday, January 6, 2018, midnight-3am
Repeats Suck!
re-broadcast of 12/30/17 show.

Saturday, December 30, 2017, midnight-3am
The Best of 2017 Part II: Brian's Top 15 Albums

Light InformationbyChad VanGaalen
"Mind Hijacker's Curse"
"Old Heads"


Dirty ProjectorsbyDirty Projectors
"Cool Your Heart"
"Death Spiral"

Stubborn Persistent IllusionsbyDo Make Say Think
"And Boundless"

HausibyStafrænn Hákon

A Crow Looked at MebyMount Eerie
"Real Death"

The World Is a Loud PlacebyLandlady
"Driving in California"
"Electric Abdomen"

HalobyJuana Molina
"Cara de espejo"
"Sin dones"

Every Country's SunbyMogwai
"Party in the Dark"
"Crossing the Road Material"

"White Sun"

A Deeper UnderstandingbyThe War on Drugs
"Thinking of a Place"

Para quienes aún vivenbyExquirla
"Destruidnos juntos"
"Un hombre"

Created in the Image of SufferingbyKing Woman

Hiss SpunbyChelsea Wolfe
"16 Psyche"
"Twin Fawn"

"Everyone Knows"
"No Longer Making Time"