Peace and Goodwill Among Us All
From Catherine Lena (GrammaMom-GramCracker)

Catherine ~ Cat>^..^erina

Italian Traditions

Kids and Natale

Chanukah Story


Mexico Traditions

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Merry Christmas

*Buon Anno*
*Joyeux Noel*
*Happy Hanukah*
*Mele Kalikimaka*
*Nodlag Sona Dhuit*
*Blwyddyn Newydd Dda*
*God Jul*
*Boas Festas*
*Happy Hanukah*
*Merry Christmas*
*Kala Christougena*
*Vrolijk Kerstfeest*
*Frohliche Weihnachten*
*Buon Natale= Godt Nytar*
*Huan Ying Sheng Tan Chien*
*Wesolych Swiat=Sretan Bozic*
*Moadim Lesimha=Linksmu Kaledu*
*Hauskaa Joulua=Aid Said Moubark*
and a

Happy New Year

I hope you will join me as we hope for a world where all men share in the good things of the earth and the human spirit -- and that the season will also inspire you in your heart to be a person who will make those good things happen.

So I wish you happy holidays, and all the best for years to come.

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