Clairemont Woman's Club

FEDERATION REPORT September 2014 Dolores Juditz

Now that women were united on a national level in a time that not much thought
was given to women’s ideas, abilities, or rights, what did they accomplish?
• In 1899 established the national model for a juvenile court system.
• Jane Addams in 1901 headed the GFWC Child Labor Committee and pushed for
legislation to regulate child labor.
• In 1904 Alice Lakey of NJ initiated a letter-writing campaign and a
push for the passage of Pure Food and Drug laws which was passed in 1906.
• In 1912 Pres. Taft appoints clubwoman Julia Lathrop as chief of the new
Children ‘s Bureau.
• In 1916 GFWC conservation chairman helps create the National Park Service.
• In 1925 GFWC member lead a nationwide survey on household technology,
education of families on available labor-saving utilities and resulted in
including the title “homemaker” as an identified occupation for the first
time • In 1933 the American Library Association credits GFWC with establishing
75% of the US. public libraries.
• In 1934 worked with what is now the American Cancer Society to promote
cancer prevention and early detection. Also began a 10-year study to review
the Equal Rights Amendment resulting in a resolution to support the ERA.
• In 1942 “Buy a Bomber” campaign generated funds for 431 planes.
• In 1945, a GFWC rep was invited to participate as consultant
to U.S. delegation at the organization of the United Nations.
• In 1952 GWC members raised $200,000 to restore Independence Hall in
All of this happened in a mere 50 years before the mass communication
of today!!



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