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Canadian Vietnam Veterans
an autobiographical account of the Vietnam War by Les D. Brown
As a Canadian citizen living in California, Les Brown was a world away from the horror on the other side of the Pacific. But then the late 1960s crept up and he was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent off to Vietnam, where he came to fully understand fear, misery and alienation. Written in the raw language of a soldier, There It Is: A Canadian in the Vietnam War describes the experience of perpetual danger and inhumanity. It is a haunting portrait of the hellishness of war that is at once thrilling and astonishing. 
"There It Is offers a terrifying trip with freaked out soldiers in the jungles of southeast Asia. We hear the helicopters, we smell the panic and we weep at the futility of it all."
-- Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen
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"In There It Is, one hears echoes of [Michael] Herr's Dispatches … Brown presents a unique perspective of the war the U.S. couldn't win."
-- Peter Kent, Global Television

A gripping, unforgettable memoir from a Canadian who, in 1969, was drafted into the U.S. Army  and fought in the jungles of Vietnam. There It Is features an introduction by Global Television  News anchor and former Vietnam War correspondent, Peter Kent.

It's the late 1960s, and Les Brown, a young Canadian living in California, has difficult decision to make: Does he return to Canada to escape the draft, or does he serve his adopted  homeland? He delays making a tough decision. When his induction date arrives, he reluctantly  reports for duty, hoping that he'll be given a non-combat role. The Army makes him an  infantry-man, and sends him to Vietnam.

Written with honesty and humour, There It Is brings us Les Brown's compelling, soldier's-eye   view of his tour as a grunt in Vietnam. In the raw language of soldiers, Brown describes what is    was like to walk through dense jungle in unbearable heat, to live in a world of  perpetual danger
and disease, to engage the enemy in battle, and to see his buddies die. He details, took, the time he came face to face with a Vietcong soldier, only to have his weapon jam, and the time when he convinced a fellow grunt not to kill a prisoner of war.

This is a vivid account of a time when the world's most powerful war machine was on the point      of collapse. Morale, discipline, and the will to go on, all were disintegrating. And Brown's story serves as a surprising reminder of the role played by thousands of Canadians in Vietnam.

There is horror and misery in this memoir of war, but there is humanity too, as Brown tells of  his struggle to survive, a struggle which ultimately leads him to take a risky rebellious stand.  Brown emerges from the experienced damaged, but having achieved a kind of  victory. 

Featuring a scene-setting introduction by Global Television News anchor Peter Kent, There It Is is a powerful personal account of war, and a remarkable testimony to a time and a  that scarred a generation.

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