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My Spirit PageČ!!

My Spirit PageČ!!

Hello! you have reached my spirit pageČ! Many people in thesitefights have spirit pages..but how many have 2?? lol

This site is under mega construction right now. It is the feature I'm working on right now.

also, everything is scattered out all over the place in this site, lol, just like my spirit!!!

click here to visit my spirit story!


ok...these sites r not my sites, they belong to people with talent! lol!
click on the star on top of the URL to go to that site
oh yeah, i work way to hard for these guys
this is all i have for now, if u want your site put into mine, e-mail me, and send me the URL of your site, and i will take your site under considerations.
REMEMBER: if these sites that u r sending to me where movies.. they would be rated G, or they won't ever be added!
***i will be making links for all of these sites in time, but for now.. i'm swamped!***

i made all of the graphics in this page except the floating fairy, the wand cartoon, the huging fighter, and the "i adopted the TSF spirit" graphic,and all of the graphics in my "tsf story", the rest are mine, please don't take anything out of this site.