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My Cabbage Patch Kid Collection!

Now something about me and my Cabbage Patch Collection...
It began at Christmas time in 1983, when I was 7 years old. My cousins and I excidedly anticipated recieving a Cabbage Patch Doll form our Grandparents. I opened my gifts: one was a Cabbage Patch Keepsake album from my aunt and uncle, another uncle sent me a sleeping bag for a Cabbage Patch Doll. My excitement built as I anticipated the main event- opening up my very own Cabbage Patch Doll ready to use all the other gifts as accessories for it- but to my dissapointment the doll my Grandparents gave me that year was just a doll- not a Cabbage Patch Kid.
Like millions of shoppers that year, my Grandparents were unable to find the immensely popular doll at any store anywhere. Stores across the nation were sold out. People were on 6 month waiting lists and spoiled children's parents were paying up to $500 per doll on the secondary market.
Then one day, Picture it, Spring, 1984, San Mateo, California. My parents and I were shopping at a local Payless. My dad spotted 3 Cabbage Patch Doll boxes on a shelf. He grabbed a cart and all three dolls and set out to find me. An old lady yelled at him for taking all the dolls. When my dad found me he told me I could choose one doll. I was extatic, I would have my doll at last! Out of the three dolls, there was one girl who had brown hair and eyes like me, she wore her hair in a pony tail and had a white jogging suit with purple stripes on the sleeves and legs. Her birth certificate announced that her name was Tara Pearl and she was born in the Cabbage Patch on October 1st. Tara had a #2 face, and most excitingly of all, freckles!
Bringing Tara home was a major event. After that day I carried her with me everywhere. The highlight of that year being the summer when I visited my cousins in Massachusettes and our 4 dolls met one another. (For the useless information section of my brain, I recall the names of my 3 cousins dolls: Susie Dee, a tan braided girl with the gray jogging suit with kitten, Carmilla Harmony, a red head with #1 -I think- face and blue eyes, and a brunette with pigails named Kimbra Damaria) Even our favorite aunt had a lemon looped doll with a dress with a heart. It was a fun summer, one I will never forget, and probably one of the main reasons I collect Cabbage Patch Dolls today.
Now I have around 30 dolls. Some come and some go but there are a few that I will not sell (other than Tara of course) Such as Lynda Jane whom I aquired in Germany, and my mom's Preemie Ian Hans, who she has directed me to not "even think about selling!"
When I was a kid I didn't realize the faces were all that different. My cousins and I would say that the # on the head was the age of the doll. (for example Tara was 2 years old) After I got Tara I wanted a red head more than anything, but I could only find a blonde, Lynda at the toy store. I also wanted red head twins, but I couldn't afford them. So now if you look at my collection you will see many red heads. I guess I am making up for lost time.
You also never know when or which kid I'm going to get attached to, so on my list there may be some Kids that you've seen in the adoption room who decided to stay with me!

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