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Frequently Asked Cabbage:
Your most common Cabbage Patch Kid Questions Answered Here!

This page will answer some of the questions that Jelly Bean's gets asked quite often via email. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to write and ask, but first see the questions below!

Q: How much is my Cabbage Patch Doll worth?
A: It depends on the doll and its condition. Lots of factors are involved including the hair, face, factory, etc. Soft sculptures are generally worth more money than the mass market dolls, but certainly not always!

Q: I am looking for a particular Cabbage Patch doll that I/my friend/wife/daughter/etc.. had at one time. The doll's name was _________. Can you help me find this doll?
A: This is a very common question. The answer is that although Cabbage Patch Kids can have the same head mold (see Headmolds Page ) and the same hair color/style and the same eyecolor-- they were all given slightly different names. That fact along with the various outfits and color combinations made each doll "unique". So if your friend/wife/daughter/etc had a doll with a certain name, there is probably a doll that looks just like that doll and may even have a similar outfit, but it's unlikely that the NAME of the doll will be the same also. The thing you can do is "recreate" the doll by finding one with the same headmold, hair and eye color, same CPK outfit and if you want a birth certificate, go with a new name.

Q: I'm looking for a Cabbage Patch Doll with this name _______ Can you find me one?
A: If you don't care what the hair color and eye color etc... is of the doll or even what type of doll it is, I might be able to find one with a birth certificate baring the name you are looking for. More likely, only the first name will match up as it would take quite some time to come up with a first and middle name that matches.

Q: I have a Cabbage Patch Doll that looks different from the dolls on your Headmolds Page , but it's still a Cabbage Patch Kid. What kind of doll is this?
A: You probably have a later edition made by either Hasbro or Mattel. You might be able to find the kind of doll you have on the Hasbro Mattel Adoptions Page.

Q: I have other stuff that is Cabbage Patch other than the dolls. How much is it worth?
A: Typically collectors are interested in the dolls, their clothing and some pieces of furniature. Things such as figures, children's toys etc are collectible, but not worth as much.

Q: I see a doll with an outfit I want. Do you sell the outfits seperately from the dolls?
A: Sorry, we only sell the outfit and doll together.

Q: Can you sell me a certain doll for less without his or her clothing?
A: Not usually, but there are certain exceptions, so feel free to ask.

Q: I live somewhere other than the United States and Canada. Can you ship to me?
A: Yes, we now do Overseas shipping. Please see details on our POLICIES PAGE .

Q: I have a doll or dolls I am interested in selling. Would you be interested in buying?
A: This depends on the doll or dolls and your prices, but feel free to send an email with details.

Q: I would like to sell my whole Cabbage Patch doll collection. Would you be interested in buying it?
A: Normally we can't buy large quantities of dolls at once since we are not a company, just collectors!

Q: I placed an order and sent the money order. When will you be shipping my doll?
A: We ship once a week, usually on Tuesdays. We will ship the Tuesday after we get your money order. If there are unusual circumstances we will email you to let you know!

Q: I placed a doll on hold, but there is no "Adoption Pending" sign up yet, why?
A: If you don't see the "Adoption Pending" sign up right away, don't worry. We just haven't updated the page yet. Once you send in all your details regarding your payment, your doll(s) are put on hold for you for a maximum of 10 days.

Q: Can you hold a doll or dolls for me for a few weeks or a month?
A: We only hold items for up to 10 days max. If you would like to pay in two parts and are ordering an item that costs $50 or more (before shipping costs) Please read our Layaway Plan on our POLICIES PAGE .

Q: Can you ship me my doll or items before you receive my payment?
A: No.

Q: Are the dolls from a smoke and pet free home?
A: Smoke free, YES, noone smokes anywhere near our house. But pet free, no. We do have 2 cats. While Jelly Bean enjoys cuddling with Cabbage Patch Dolls, the doll(s) you receive will be by NO MEANS covered with cat hair! We try to send our dolls out as clean as possible. But could there possibly be a stray hair or two on the doll with our Chief of Staff wandering around? Absolutely. So far we have had zero complaints, but would just like to note that if anyone has a *severe* cat allergy, you might not want to order from us.

Q: Is your cat, Jelly Bean for sale?
A: Ok, noone's ever asked us this, but isn't he cute???

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