This is a really bad picture so...yeah. If i had any better ones id put them here but i dont so deal with it.

Thats my bestest bud amanda! yay!

And that lovely picture is of me and my other best friend, kim. shes a big dork...but then so am i ::cough::



Name: Charlene
Nicknames: Charweenie
Age: 16
B'day: July 30
Zodiac Sign: Leo, roar
Hair color: Brown, boring ol' brown
Eyes: Brown, boring ol' brown


Colour: Yellow, its just so fun and happy!
Movie: Blairwitch Project and The Cutting Edge, shut up, i know you're all laughing but i like that movie dagnamit!
CD: Green Day-Dookie, Eve 6-Horrorscope, and last but not least Nirvana-Nevermind
Website: mine, of course. Jeez! Book: I dont really have a favorite book but im really into Anne Rice's witching series and anything on the holocaust or WW2.
Poem: ANYTHING by shel silverstein, those poems crack me up.
Song: 'When i come around' -Green Day, 'Trash' -Jimmies Chicken Shack and 'Red' -Treble Charger.
Magazine: Rolling stone and Circus.