What Your Birthday Says About You

First add up all the digits of your birthday (month, day, year), then add the digits of the sum together until get a one-digit number.
For example my birthday is December 19, 1983: 1+2+1+9+1+9+8+3= 34; 3+4= 7, so my number would be 7.

If your number is:

You are athletic, strong, and outgoing. You have a bit of a stubborn streak though. You always stand up for what you believe in and never give up.

You are compassionate, thoughful, and sweet. You are well-liked by others and close to your family. You have a hard time making up your mind.

You are upbeat, friendly, and talkative. You like adventure. You have lots of energy and you love attention and being in the spotlight.

When you have some to do, you get it done right away. You are motivated and focused. You are kind of conservative and have a dry sense of humor.

You're funny, quick-witted, and clever. You usually think up good comebacks and brilliant ideas. You have a tendancy to be forgetful.

You are easygoing and ambitious. You love nature and always look out for your friends. You can sometimes be a little bit bossy.

You are spiritual, philosophical, unique and some might even say eccentric. You ask a lot of questions and you always do what you want as opposed to what is popular.

You are resourceful, ambitious and assertive. You strive for success. You are a natural born leader and you always get what you want.

You are intelligent and sensitive. You have great intuition. Often come up with ideas that are somewhat unusual and add your own creative twist to everything you do.