Do Catholics pray to Mary? Yes ... and no!

ALL prayer is directed to God. But we do ask our friends, both in Heaven and on Earth, to pray for us TO God.

Now Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, who was and IS God Himself. Now, follow my logic here, children. . .

Mary was Jesus' Mom.
We are Jesus' brothers and sisters.
Jesus' Father is also Our Father.
Therefore, ergo, ipso facto et voila . . .
Mary is our Mom too!

And like good kids everywhere, we talk to our Mom ... and ask her to pray for us.

Simple enough, right? Well, some folks think it's simple-minded. That's fine - I believe our Brother said somewhere that God hides the truth from the wise and reveals it to the simple ... so maybe that ain't such a bad thing to be, huh?

(To be better developed later, I promise!!)

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