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West Coast Civil War ReEnactment Calendar

General Resources:
This page has been created to help west coast reenactment organizations coordinate the scheduling of their events, and to help reenactors and the public plan their attendence at those events. Unless otherwise noted, all of the following are public events which include battles and encampments.

The calendar includes the latest information that I have for the following organizations. For additional information, please refer to their respective home pages or schedule pages. Contact information has been included here for organizations for which the home page is not known or where there is none.

If you represent another Civil War reenactment organization which holds battles in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, or Washington (or which coordinates the attendance of west coast companies at eastern events), please email me a copy of your event calendar or mail me a copy of your newsletter -- including your calendar -- using the information at the bottom of this page. 

Organizations and Associations