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My Favorite Wrestlers To Watch

Ok, Instead of giving you guys a list of all my ALL TIME favorite wrestlers ever. I'm going to list my Favorite Wrestlers to watch on TV Now. The ones who are ON TV now! =) Because I have tons of favorite wrestlers! Plus some or all are a piece of eye candy to look at! So Enjoy! (for all the ladies or men! *LOL*)

~The song playing is Desire by U2~

Pic Credit: LOP

Awww, my BABY! My peanut butter cup! Rocky is not only my favorite wrestler to watch now, but my all time favorite! I mean he's so funny, so talented, so charismatic, and so DAMN FINE! MMMMM! I love to drool over him! I love him for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he always makes me laugh!

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My Role Model! I've been OBSESSED with Jericho since Dec 22, 1997! Yes, that was the day I discover the wonderful world of JERICHO! And I kidd you not that the thing that made me so attractive to him was his ASS! *LOL* Sorry but I'm obsessed with it! I want to take a peek! It's just so beautifuly shaped! *LMAO* But of course CJ is an extremely talented wrestler! The man of 1,004 holds! WOW, that's why he's my paragon of virtue! And he's such a crack up! This man has me rollin' in laughter! And he's hella FINE, with those golden locks! COME ON BABY!!

Pic Credit: HardyztooXtreme

Man, I love these guys! The Hardy's are DEFINITELY Extreme!! And Damn, they are talented! I clinch and sream with every table they break, with every risky move they make. Sorry, but I worry for them, and every time they wrestle I pray and hope they come out un-injured!And they are FINE too! So let's talk about them shall we?

Pic Credit:HardyztooXtreme

Awww, Jeffy! I really love Jeff Hardy. Mr. Frequent Flyer Miles!! *LOL* DAMN, this man can FLY! He's so amazing to watch. He truly puts his body in danger to entertains us, and I really APPRECIATE that. And yes, he's a cutie! I love his hair! What color is it you ask? Well, blond plus whatever mood he's in! *LOL* Sometimes he has a little red mis in, other times pink, or blue or purple! *LOL* And he's so young! He's only 10 months older than me! (He's 22)He's awesome! But he's a cutie pie! =) And he's my hubby, right Jessy? *LMAO* (inside joke).

Pic Credit:HardyztooXtreme

Matt along with Jeff is just AMAZING! I really appreciate all the high flying moves they do to entertain us. He's a heck of a wrestler! And yes, he's a cutie too. Let's not leave out Matt! =)

Pic Credit:WrestlingLine

Look at the Hollys aren't they just the best? Look how cute Crashy is!Come on how on earth can you not like these guys? They are absolutely HILARIOUS! And so entertaining to watch! I mean Crashy is a cutie poo, and he cracks me up when he gets the chance to speak! (which is not often) And Hardcore always picking on him. *LMAO* These guys are too Funnny! And too YUMMY TOO! Crashy is cute and Hardcore has a nice butt! Really he does, look at it next time he comes out! =)

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Awwww, Look at those PUPPY EYES! Damn it I miss those Puppy eyes! Where is Shane? He will be back! I really LOVE watching Shane! He's a heck of an actor and an amazing wrestler! Yes, WRESTLER! He has earned my respect as a wrestler with all the matches he's had! He can really take the bumps and my gawd, he can do some pretty nifty moves too. Like the flying elbow he did at Summer Slam! And come on wasn't he a cute heel? He's the best. And he's so adorable! =)

Pic Credit: LOP

Ok, before Ara, Caro, and Jessy, deny that they are my friends, let me explain why I like Kurt Angle! *LMAO* Really guys listen! I'm willing to come out and say, "YES DAMN IT, I'M A KURT ANGLE FAN!" *LMAO* There I admitted it, and I feel GREAT! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! *LMAO* Ok, why do I like him your wondering? Come on he's soooooo funny! He really cracks me up. I get a kick out of watching him. Plus come on people he's a true OLYPIC HERO! He made the US proud! And ok, he's CUTE! *LOL* I was watching some old Heat tapes, when Rocky was heel, (awww the good old days)just before Wrestlemania, and Kurt was in the audience! Awww, he looked HOT in that Heat! No Ara, I haven't lost my mind. And don't roll your eyes at me Caro. And Jessy, no I haven't ran out of Prozac! *LMAO* So there, I like Kurt Angle! =)

Pic Credit: LOP

Ok, I saved the BEST for last. You guys were all wondering what about TOO COOL? Here they are! I mean I don't have a site dedicated to them to forget about them! Just incase you didn't get the point, I LOVE TOO COOL! They are so HOT, So FUNNY, and So DAMN talented! And SO DAMN COOL! Awww, Scotty and Brian, what cuties!!

Honrable mentions *LOL* (sorry haven't found pics on them yet):
Mankind- He's so Funny.
Edge and Christian- They are cuties.
HHH- He's a meanie but he's cool! *LOL*