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Hello, Are you wondering about what the stars can do for you? Do you think that the heavens have the answers to your questions. Then look up to me. Let me guide you on your soulís path. I will give you a map to help you achieve your ultimate destiny. You have found the one that can show you the way. With my help, you can be a success in your life as you realize the sky is the limit.


You may be at the stage of asking, "What is a horoscope?" The horoscope is a map that appears as a two dimensional chart showing the position of the Sun, the Moon, and planets at the precise moment of your birth. In the natal horoscope, the planets are frozen in their position at that initial moment. This type of horoscope is known as the birth chart or the natal chart. A correct interpretation of the birth positions exposes the "hand" that has been "dealt" in life. A horoscope can never show how you are going to "play" this hand. While you usually have freedom of choice or free will, the horoscope does reflect natural inclinations that you have to live with, lessons you have to learn, issues to be faced, and problems to be solved. It may be thought of as merely an abstract formula showing the energies that you've been given, or perhaps tasked. The use that you make of these energies, or opportunities, if you will, depends upon you, the individual. Astrology can provide incredible keys to understanding, but it doesn't provide clear and simplistic answers to any problems with which you may be dealing. Obtaining information about your horoscope may give you some insights and understanding of the reasons why you behave as you do.

Like life itself, astrology is an infinitely complex subject. Astrology is many things. Naturally, astrology is a master vehicle for intuitive perception and psychic insight. Astrology is also an art-form--one that lends itself to quick sketches and complex portraits of individuals, couples, corporations, nations and more. Astrology can also clearly have spiritual and religious undertones as evidenced by studies of ancient Egypt.

But astrology is not a belief system. People no more have to believe in astrology than they do in dancing for example. Both can be fun and useful pastimes without belief in them. Although it must be added that, according to Albert Einstein, a belief in astrology will make it work better, for you. After all, we live in a solar system, in a space-time continuum, and astrology is the biggest contender for the unified field theory.

Yet above all else, astrology is a language. It works best as a language, and it is perhaps more universal than broken English. The astrological classification system can and does relate to anything and everything.

My aspirations:

by Apollaron
I have always wished to be a star
as I constantly wish to be that in my dreams
for I long to soar the infinite sky of Wisdom,
and so I fly high as I can to reach the stars.
I wish to shine like the Star of Bethlehem,
and I never want to fade away
and become dark as a black hole.
I wish to shimmer and glimmer
like an angel with a bright halo
that brings light to the hearts of others,
and so I do my best to keep in the light.
I wish to be famous like the constellations
because I want my name to be known
throughout the world where I will shine so bright
that people will look up and take notice of me.
I wish to be blazing and bright as Venus
that is passionate in the morning sky,
and not cold and dismal like distant Pluto
which is hidden from sight like in secret.
I wish to be full of energy like the Sun
who brings radiance to all
that are left in the darkness
and people would come to realize
that they have finally seen the light that
will save them from depression's shadows.
I wish to be like a flash of inspiration
that will spark up the the mass population
with knowledge of a liberating kind
that will bring serenity to the world.
I wish to be a star that will forever twinkle
that people will take notice of me,
and they would add me to history
as one who shined for others
with the radiance of enlightenment.


ASTROINSIGHT REPORT is a relaxed report interpreting the basic natal chart and both Chiron and the Moonís nodes. This report offers guidance in an informative but humorous way. The text of the report is informal. Overall, this report is fun but contains language that is directed toward a more mature audience. It is about 30-35 pages in length.

COSMO NATAL REPORT is a very short natal report that is about 3-5 pages when printed.

MAJOR LIFE THEMES REPORT is based on 3-planet pattern. It produces one page of printout.

FLOWER ESSENCE AND GEMSTONE REPORT is beautifully written and analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools which can improve the health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Flower essences, gems, music, aroma therapy and color therapy are among the healing tools that are mentioned and there are instructions on how to create different remedies for each therapy along with an appendix of reputable sources that are available for ordering essences. It is about 10-13 pages in length.

KARMIC PAST LIFE REPORT is an analysis that focuses on the Moonís nodes and Saturn but includes interpretations of many other factors in the natal chart as well. This is a very well-written report with helpful advice and guidance. This printout is about 6 to 8 pages long

NAUGHTY REPORT makes a good gift or practical joke! It pokes fun at the person and keeps you laughing-and often because it is accurate too. This report pokes fun especially at the sexual side of the person, and the language is raw and is designed strictly for adults. The printout is 5 pages in length.

VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE REPORT is a wonderful tool for those who wish to learn more about or are seeking their vocations or professions. It determines strengths found in the individualís natal chart and guides the reader in finding his or her true vocation or profession while at the same time providing an analysis of personal characteristics, unused potential, ability to earn money, etc. It is about 13-15 pages in length.

ASTEROID GODDESS REPORT provides both men and women with valuable insights into their nurturing style, relationships, career, sexuality, and spiritual growth. You get 40-50 pages of text describing the role of the four major asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta in the chart as well as the sign placement, house placement and aspects of the asteroids with themselves and the other planets in the birthchart.

COSMO FORECAST REPORT will help you figure how your future might be. It shows future trends and patterns by using transits. It compares your natal chart to future planetary positions. This report varies in length as the amount of time can vary.

PSYCHE AND EROS REPORT What is it you want to know when you are checking out a romantic relationship? Basically two things. First, you want to understand the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues each person brings to the relationship - in other words, the relationship potential of each person. And then, of course, you want to understand how the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues of one person relate to those of another person in order to see how they would get along - in other words, the compatibility analysis.
The Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis consists of 4 sections: the first two sections describe the relationship potential of each person, and sections 3 and 4 are the compatibility analysis, describing how the two people experience each other and the relationship from the perspective of each person.

BUY 3 $25 Reports and you get 1 $10-15 report FREE

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Your payment can be with a credit card, check, or money order. I will send your report/s via email 24 hours after your order is processed and payment is verified. You may also place your order by phone at (916) 739-0765.

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