mIsCeLlaNy pIcS

Here is a few more pics of people I know and talk to. They also go to my school. They are the only ones I can trust from that school. Not very surprising huh?!?!

JeN N ThUe

ThiS Is ThuE And JeniVeE. Thue is in the middle and jenivee is on the end(right)They are two of my true friends that i can trst and love! They are my real good friends. love you both

AnGeL BaBy

This is my angel. We call each other that because she looks like an angel. I think. She is also a sweetie! The sweetest person I know. We dont talk much anymore...but she is still my angel.


From the left side: Mica, Renee, Kristen, and Juanita. The only one I can really trust out of this group is renee (naynay)