And now, the Morrigan Aensland gallery. Don't get too hot! These aren't all of the Morrigan images I could find, but it's a lot, and there's still so muc hmore out there that I couldn't fit on the site. Enjoy!

This is Morrigan's first official artwork, from the original Darkstalkers. The style isn't great, but it is a really cool picture, no? It's the first of many great Morrigan pictures.

I believe this is from a Darkstalkers comic, but I'm not sure what. There's a similar image of Demitri, though. Isn't it neat?

And now, a classic! This is the pic of Morrigan from the Darkstalkers opening in a scene that focused just on her! That game had a really cool opening and Morrigan really looked cool in it.

Here's Morrigan from her ending in Darkstalkers. After defeating Pyron and stealing his soul, she returns home, where he master checks in on her. After acting all innocent, she comments on how much she likes this dimension.

I believe this image is from Darkstalkers 2, and if it, it's the only Morrigan image I have from Darkstalkers 2. But, that game didn't have the best artwork anyway, but this is really hot!

And now it's her official artwork from Darkstalkers 3 (aka Vampire Savior). That game had really good artwork, maybe the best in ANY videogame, and Morrigan's was one of the best.

This is Morrigan from the Darkstalkers 3 character select screen, and just like the other Darkstalkers 3 artwork, it's great! I love her expression, and her boobs! Yeah, that's right, BOOBS! Can't you tell from the preview.

Another opening image, this time from Darkstalkers 3. This is where Morrigan shines - again. How hot is this? Floating naked...nice.

More awesome Darktsalkers 3 artwork! This is her winning portrait. It looks so sweet and warm, and not too sexy. So although Morrigan is very, very sexy, there are other sides to her.

Here's the first of the many miscellaneous Darkstalker 3 images of Morrigan in this gallery (there are a lot!). Love the waves, and this is definetly a classic Morrigan picture.

Another ending image, but it's from Lilith's ending. Lilith finally gets her body back, or she's about to. It's very cool, in fact, the whole Morrigan-Lilith storyline is awesome.

Another image from the Darkstalkers 3 opening of Morrigan, but with Donovan. But don't look Morrigan fans - this time the hunter had his way.

Morrigan and Lilith together again - but wait, they're naked! Oh my! These sisters have a stranger relationship, I mean, well, you get it.

Pressed up against the glass, those boobs are! I don't really get this picture, but it's one of my favourites. It really captures their likeness and relationship. And why are they seperated? It's a really complex image, and is that B.B.Hood that Lilith is staring at (see the shadow).

Marvel Vs. Capcom! It was great to see Morrigan in this game, and she was awesome in it! And here's her official artwork (and why is her one boob flattened a bit?).

Again, this is from Marvl Vs. Capcom, and it's her VS. portrait. It's a rather sensual pose (the first time I saw it, it was against Megaman, and that was a funny VS. screen. If you have the game, try it, and you'll see).

And this is the last from Marvel Vs. Capcom; it's her winning portrait. The artwork in this game was good, but the winning portraits were pretty bad, usually, but Morrigan's is great.

Here she is in Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (what a long titie!), and it's her main official artwork. It's pretty good, but not great.

This is great! I love Pocket Fighter, and Morrigan was awesome in it. This is her main official artwork, and it's so cool!

Here's a cute and playful picture of Morrigan from SNK Vs. Capcom on the Neo Geo Pocket Colour.

This is one of Capcom's all-time best works! It's also the cover of Darkstalkers 3. It's simply beautiful, and it depicts Morrigan perfectly in a much more natural style. I really like the Darkstalkers 3 art style, but this is better. It's also huge!