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Shimmering Regret

Shimmering Regret

A soft voice whisper of maybe friedman
The sound of past and tears
And disconnected reality
Like the smoke rising, ethereal
Gosamer fibers , spiderwebbed, weightless
I close my eyes as the ache seeps into my brain
And the music like the smoke ruptures smoke
Making the past so clear beyond eyes that
I open them having spoken a persons name
Who was there with me... unto nothing
And everything fades with the scent of
Dragons blood, a bitter taste and fingers on guitar strings
An aching memory, regret
A year past
Still i cannot forget where i felt peace
At place in a daze
I found who i wasnt, who i could be
Was what i was dealing with
And then they tought me
And i regret disbelief
Regret forgetting to not believe in reality
Regret that it came back to me
Regret it's not a smoke outlined memory

Darkness In Poetry