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All writings below are the copywritten property of Ara J. Phillips.

Insomnia Dream

Pacing, thin air, Pornography
What the fuck is wrong with today
It carried over from yesterday, naked emotionally.
Let the ego self decieve...yelling
I'm high and unsatisfied
Insomnia dream of moving among people
Walking the abandoned streets
Watching the "has beens" multiply
No moonlight can break through
The false illumination of Las Vegas
It's with the lost dreams
Mourning with the sick trees, wasting
Covered over with something that only looks better
Insomnia city, perversion undercurrent


They are gone
I said never again does it go bad
Do you want to rip it open and look inside
This bloody mess burning for eyes
Tears squeezed from tightly shut lids
And your insane laugh was just a fitfull misplaced scream
A convulsing dimentia to be a child again
Wires through flesh and brain, the pulling of strings
Ghosts rehaunt and we pay tribute
Their twisted remanents all a fading traumatic memory


The sun creeps down trees
Reflecting pale off the building, gleam
The sleepless turn away
Unwanted sunlight of a new day
With heavy eyes do bare misery
Barren clouded thoughts of stillness, weary
The sleepless shudder
Oh yes, some do suffer

Victimized By Memories

I was thinking the other day
Bringing pulses of energy to life
Create, sitting still, evade
Nostalgia of suffering
Remember to breathe
There are no feelings that are not memories
But these are clear and sweet
I cannot excape the absolution of belief
Yet I see it so pressed back
I am tired of having nothing to say
My shadows hold keys to doors I cannot see
A swirling sharp mist came and went
Gave and took me too and from perception
clairvoyant futures whispering
"You'll still never see it comming"
And I'll never enjoy life waiting to see
If I'm on a downfall
Or just victimizing

..Physical Thoughts..

Darkness Fallen