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Chronological Freakdom

Burnt to hell.. 	6/28/2002 	
Dear Diary.... the smell of napalm is comforting in a childhood nostalgia sort of way.

[Now Playing] Bauhaus - Hope 

bum altercation 6/22/2002 Oh yes I also got in an altercation with a bum who wanted my newcastle outside of a albersons at midnight the other night.. This was not wise for the bum. [Now Playing] Oasis - Champagne Supernova
Damned rain forest 5/24/2002 I didnt wake up till about 2pm today because I worked till 4am last night so I was just going to go buy my mother a birthday present and sit arround all day but I ended up getting her present and fixing my bong which in theory was going to help with all this sitting arround I had planned on but then Chad showed up and brought me to see Star Wars :attack of the clones. ::shrug:: We got verry lost getting to and from the theater. There was this rain forest in the casino courtyard and we somehow ended up at a diferent location so we decided to use the cat walk which was on the 3rd floor.. so we went up to the third floor.. looked out the window and seen it was really on the second floor.. so we go down to the second floor and theres no way to get to the catwalk though we are in the right place. so we go back through the forest again.. which interestingly enough the benches consisted of church pews then we go up this escalator and walk across the catwalk to find it's on the 3rd floor after all which is completely illogical and perceptually impossable but ahh well.. such is life.
Mushroom Exploitation 5/7/2002 > > > > > Is the mushroom naked? > > > > I donno about naked mushrooms > > >> > > How would sex with mushrooms be called... > > >fungophilia? Now Playing]: The Gathering -Mandylion
Crown & Anchor 5/2/2002 Newcastle, Tequila, Cider Jack, Budweiser......8am..
The Moldy Corn Incident. 4/18/2002 DamnRaven: Popcorn is my nemesis. Shadows916: why? DamnRaven: I cant really remember.. this decision was made long ago and I dont remember much about long ago.. DamnRaven: Corn is not my friend .Shadows916: ah Shadows916: can't trust something that comes out the same way it went in DamnRaven: I havent eaten any corn type substance for well over a year. DamnRaven: But the dislike of popcorn came before this. Shadows916: hmm DamnRaven: I was damned well viciously attacked by moldy corn once. Shadows916: damn corn DamnRaven: Indeed. DamnRaven: Havent touched the stuff since Shadows916: I'm sorry. you must have been traumatized DamnRaven: By corn.. perhapse but that was nothing. TheGhettoGorilla: so what are we talkin about in here? DamnRaven: Corn phobia. DamnRaven: I recomend someone change the subject because I could go into detail if nothing better is presented. Shadows916: erm TheGhettoGorilla: uhhhh TheGhettoGorilla: in this world gone mad we will not spank the monkey TheGhettoGorilla: the monkey will spank us DamnRaven: Wow that's a messed up mental picture DamnRaven: damn the vividness TheGhettoGorilla: word TheGhettoGorilla: to ya motha

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