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They enter into a mountain pass with deadened pine trees and razor sharp, steep black obsidian peaks arround two Travelers. A lead colored sky threatening to rain above them and an empty hollow silence.
   The smaller man walking in tow of the taller man other his voice soft, quiet and feminine. "It's never all about me Arioch" 
   A mist clings to the peaks and the taller man begins leading them on a path that narrows untill the trees are behind them and the glasslike obsidian closes in on either side. The dark wanderer glances at the man in his care. Green eyes narrow in contemplation, his voice thin and distant sounding. "Your approach seems.. completely unthought through at times Mich"
   The other looks at him with a small glow in his eyes. "I love you." 
   The mist lowers and they enter it as the trail gets steeper the tall one dismissing the others words as nonsence.
   Mich's pace slows. "Arioch..." 
   "Yes?" His head turns slightly to glance at the other, holding in his impatience.
   "I love you." 
   Arioch blinks and turns away mulls over the idea of bringing the other with him to safety. He starts to walk again and the aqua haired boy hurries to him and takes his hand. Arioch tenses and starts to turn as words rise to his lips and then he catches movement from the corner of his eye. Shapes of creatues are seen in the mist in the corner of their eyes and just as soon gone when anny attention is paid to them. He continues walking looking groundwards with the other in tow. The thin form of Arioch looking fatigued as if he's walked a hundred worlds .. determined to reach his destination 
TheRedLestat:	 ::still holds his hand looking up: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::turns his head and looks at the other:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::thwe wind through the obsidian peaks  makes a low shrieking noise.. his continues..  as their path rises.. they break the mist and the creatures in it for a few moments.. the midnight sky above them.. forein constelations and the path starts slopeing donw  in a winding trail.. :: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Can we stay here? 
 TheRedLestat:	 at the top? 
 DamnRaven:	 ::echos of the wind start to sound as if the black unliving obsidian is speaking to them:: it isnt wise 
 TheRedLestat:	 Why not? 
 TheRedLestat:	 Nevermind 
 TheRedLestat:	 I won't question you 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::tightens against his hand and follows him down:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::they enter the mist again and the creatures return.. more of them this time.. red eyes  appear and fade watching them:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::clenches his hand and buries his face in his neck:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 James 
 DamnRaven:	 ::the path widens and a few trees can be seen.. dead:: 
 DamnRaven:	 yes? 
 TheRedLestat:	 I'm scared 
 DamnRaven:	 ::his eyes search the mist::.. you should be..  
 DamnRaven:	 (brb) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::tears can be felt going down the other's neck:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 (k) 
 DamnRaven:	 ::pauses to look at him:: i advise you stay at my side.. his green slanted catlike eyes look to him.. then passed him.. his face dirty from travel.. a strand of long black hair in his face.. .. is fitted in leather boots and pants and a black shirt and heavy overcoat with two swords crossed at his back.. :: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::* 
 DamnRaven:	 ::eyes a pair of red eyes without turning his head:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::clings to him his face buried in his neck:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::continues walking.. the trail widens and the mist slowly thins.. then breaks and he pauses as they have come to a cliff which drops off skarply.. forested swamp  far below them shrowded in night the calls of animals and red flickers in the darkness are barely heard from below.. the midnight sky above them.. moonless and the horizon framed in spineline peaks:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::he pauses a noment then follows the trail along the cliff :: 
 DamnRaven:	 moment* 
 DamnRaven:	 ::they enter thivck tree's that canopy over them and  wall them in to only folow their trail.. looks at the one with him:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::shakes him:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ((::smacks his mun:: hey you pay attention or say you dont want to RP)) 
 DamnRaven:	 (fine) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((where we you?!!!!!!))\ 
 DamnRaven:	 (what?) 
 TheRedLestat:	 *were 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((You've not said anything for ten minutes)) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((And I asked if u were on BRB)) 
 DamnRaven:	 (what do you mean? .. i've been talking.. your aim is fucked up) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((No cause I imed u on aol and it said u were't logged on)) 
 DamnRaven:	 (then your AOL is fucked up cause i've been talking to you )) 
 DamnRaven:	 (here.. i'll repost)) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((k))  
 TheRedLestat:	 ((me too))  
 TheRedLestat:	 I bleed laying on the floor, hearing the knocks at the door. One says they love me, asking me not to cut, one tells me all they did with my mind was fuck. I wish I could believe the love, but like it's been said, my heart is gloved. I cut deeper and the blood pours onto the tile. The hate one smiling all the while. Their words weren't meant, as their heart is mannicaly bent. I don't care about love anymore all I care about is having a good funeral when they open the door...... 
 TheRedLestat:	 OOPS 
 TheRedLestat:	 that's a poem I wrote 
 TheRedLestat:	 DamnRaven: ::eyes a pair of red eyes without turning his head::
TheRedLestat: ::clings to him his face buried in his neck::
TheRedLestat: ::is so scared their about to die:: 
TheRedLestat: ((on brb?)) 
 DamnRaven:	  TheRedLestat:  ::clings to him his face buried in his neck:: 
 DamnRaven:  ::continues walking.. the trail widens and the mist slowly thins.. then breaks and he pauses as they have come to a cliff which drops off skarply.. forested swamp  far below them shrowded in night the calls of animals and red flickers in the darkness are barely heard from below.. the midnight sky above them.. moonless and the horizon framed in spineline peaks::  
 DamnRaven:	  DamnRaven:  ::he pauses a noment then follows the trail along the cliff :: 
 DamnRaven:  moment*  
 DamnRaven:	  DamnRaven:  ::they enter thivck tree's that canopy over them and  wall them in to only folow their trail.. looks at the one with him:: 
 DamnRaven:  ::shakes him::  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::looks at him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Are we going to live? 
 DamnRaven:	 yes.. we are just close to chaos.. in the dark shadows 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::hugs him::  
 DamnRaven:	  we have to get to the sunken city  
 TheRedLestat:	 take me whereever you go 
 DamnRaven:	 i'm to tired to walk these shadows ..  if we get there we will have a doorway to a safer place..  
 DamnRaven:	 ::starts walking again and explains who he is (who his char is) :: 
 DamnRaven:	 my father is a prince.. in a place called Amber.. it is the one true reality.. and everything else is just a shadow of that reality..  the world you come from.. is just a shadow.. 
 DamnRaven:	 the farther you get from amber.. the  closer you come to chaos..   there are infinate realities.. anything immaginable exists..  
 DamnRaven:	 the ones of the royal blood.. can.. manipulate those realities.. and travel among the infinate worlds.... a few other magical creatues can.. but mainly royal blood..  
 TheRedLestat:	 Can you take me with you? 
 DamnRaven:	 i am.. we are passing between words as we walk..  if you turned and went back the way we came.. you would not find the trail we already traveled.. that was in a diferent world ...  
 DamnRaven:	 ::the tree's break away and there is a cliff before them.. .. there are stones suspended in midair out away from the cliff.. :: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::clings to his arm::  
 DamnRaven:	 there are many in my family.. in amber.. but they do not know i exist..  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::will follow him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Oh? 
 TheRedLestat:	 why not? 
 DamnRaven:	 it is safer for me..  
 TheRedLestat:	 oh 
 DamnRaven:	 i would be a target..  
 TheRedLestat:	 but why? 
 DamnRaven:	 there is much conflict.. the blood of amber is long lived.. we are stronger than mortals..  
 TheRedLestat:	 Oh 
 DamnRaven:	 my father.. Benedict .. he is a weapons master.. he is thousands of years old..  
 TheRedLestat:	 oh my goodness 
 TheRedLestat:	 So 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::looks down:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 If we ever fall in love 
 TheRedLestat:	 I'll die before you no matter what 
 DamnRaven:	 unless i was killed..  
 DamnRaven:	 i would outlive you  ten times over 
 TheRedLestat:	 I wouldn't let it happen 
 DamnRaven:	 ::looks over the cliff into nothingness:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 If I was to fall? 
 DamnRaven:	 the stones.. ::looks at the suspended ground:: that is our path to follow 
 TheRedLestat:	 ok 
 DamnRaven:	 there is only death below us  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::shivvers:: 
 DamnRaven:	  but they are rather large stones.. lose together. i dont think you will fall  
 TheRedLestat:	 Ok 
 DamnRaven:	 ::jumps to the first stone.. then the next:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::follows:: 
 DamnRaven:	 i was abandoned to a shadow.. where a sorcerer found me.. and named me arioch..  
 TheRedLestat:	 oh  
 DamnRaven:	 his name was Zaleth 
 TheRedLestat:	 Was he nice or cruel  
 DamnRaven:	 he tought me what he knew..  he was.. wise..  
 DamnRaven:	 he was a hermet in a forest  
 TheRedLestat:	 oh 
 DamnRaven:	 he seen i wasnt one of the creatures that belonged to that world  
 TheRedLestat:	 so..he? 
 DamnRaven:	 and he took me to a place called Demorn.. where the outcast shadow cults are in power in a shadow of the one true reality amber  
 TheRedLestat:	 omi 
 TheRedLestat:	 that's scary Ara 
 DamnRaven:	 you see.. there is a thing called the pattern.. ::looks at him still on the edge of the cliff::  and it is sentient.. and it controls reality.. it is reality.. and since there are infinate projections of that world that span to chaos.. there are .. imperfect recreations of it.. some of them.. alow people.. who are not of royal blood.. to gain power to walk between the worlds..  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::walked with him over the stones::  
 DamnRaven:	 but alass.. it isnt the real thing.. and it is flawed .. so those with the power and the privelidge.. gamble their lives to walk between the worlds  
 TheRedLestat:	 Oh... 
 DamnRaven:	 Zaleth was one of those people... and they worshiped the true family of amber who had the real power.. he seem my resemblence to one of them ..  
 DamnRaven:	 seen* 
 TheRedLestat:	 ooh so that's whyt..  
 TheRedLestat:	 *why 
 DamnRaven:	 he tought me what he knew.. and eventually.. i became one of the few to walk the broken shadows.. a dangerous thing 
 TheRedLestat:	 So  I may die walking these worlds? 
 DamnRaven:	 but they believed i was a child of the one true reality.. .. no we are safe..  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::follows him:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::keeps traveling the stones untill the cliff is out of site in the mist behind them:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::looks back and stumbles:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::but doesn't fall::  
 DamnRaven:	 the problem was.. there was no way to know.. because.. the power they used was imperfect.. they could not get to the one trie world.. and.. neither could i  
 DamnRaven:	 ::holds out a hand for him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::takes his hand and looks at him::  
 DamnRaven:	 true* 
 DamnRaven:	 then.. someone tried to assasinate me.. and zaleth saved my life.. loseing his own in the process..  his dieing words to me were.. to go to his place of sanctuary.. and find a black book..  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::smiles:: 
 DamnRaven:	 and that he believed i was a child of amber..  
 TheRedLestat:	 Have you found it?  
 DamnRaven:	 .. from them on..  i had been followed by a presence..  and i had to flee.. i went to his dwelling in the forest.. and i found the book  
 DamnRaven:	 it was about.. a black road.. it seemed..  
 TheRedLestat:	 you couldn't translate it entirely?  
 DamnRaven:	 that there was a war.. between amber and chaos.. and my uncle Corwin  cursed amber when he had his eyes burnt out and thrown inthe dungeon by my other uncle Eric 
 TheRedLestat:	 Oh...dear...God..that's 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::jumps to the rock he's on and holds him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Your in danger but I can't loose you 
 DamnRaven:	 and that gave chaos power to invade.. and there was a path through shadow.. in every shadow.. spanning an infinity of worlds.. from amber to chaos..  
 DamnRaven:	 and i knew then.. that i had the means to get to amber.. and see for myself if i was one of their blood.. because my mentor died for me.. in belief that i was.. i knew i had to go  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::kisses him::  
 TheRedLestat:	 Arioch 
 DamnRaven:	 so i found this road.. and i folowed it through the shadows to amber.. i found my way into the castle.. and into it's depths..  .. ::steps back shocked:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 I love you 
 DamnRaven:	 .. if i had been wrong and i wasnt of their blood .. the test to walk through worlds would have killed me... ::goes silent and crosses the last stones.. and they end ubruptly into a silver gray nothingness:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::starts to cry::  
 DamnRaven:	 why are you crying? 
 TheRedLestat:	 Because you don't love me 
 DamnRaven:	 ::looks over the edge of the rock and his reflection looks back at him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::stands by him with his arms folded:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::unshieth one of his swords.. a black  scabarded and handled silver bladed katana blade:: demons dont love often.. nor often.. do we make friends.. you should feel honoured as you are..  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::takes his hand again and sighs:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Yes I suppose 
 DamnRaven:	 ::leans and brings the blade down over the side of the little ground they have and it is partly enveloped by a metallic liquid:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::reflective ripples spread away in all directions:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::watches:: 
 DamnRaven:	 ::removes the blade now coated in metalic poison:: mercury..  
 DamnRaven:	 ::through the mist before them there is a faint red glow:: this is where we need to wait 
 DamnRaven:	 do you have anything valuable on you? 
 DamnRaven:	 gemstones..? magical items? 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::takes out a locket with Jame's picture in it, but not opening it with a piece of Onyx on the top::  
 DamnRaven:	 i need something possably priceless .. cause death  has a high toll.. to cross this .. ::gestures to the mercury.. and in the distance a faint lapping noise is heard and a shadow of a raft can faintly be seen:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 This is the only thing I hold dear in my life.. 
 TheRedLestat:	 it's priceless to me 
 DamnRaven:	 but not to death.. ::sighs::  
 TheRedLestat:	 ::sighs::  
 DamnRaven:	 ::looks at the cloaked figure drawing near:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::Takes out a dagger with blood on it::  that's death? 
 DamnRaven:	 ::as the mist clears a raft can be seen clearly.. and a thin covered figure with a pole etched in glowing runes used to move the raft along:: yes.. .. he is just a way to cross to the city 
 DamnRaven:	 ::the raft comes to them and a thud is heard as it contacts the stone they are on..  a skeleton hand reaches it's hand out palm up.:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::hands the dagger to him:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 I kiled my mother with that dagger  
 DamnRaven:	 ::he stands in thought a moment then removes a ring a talisman from his neck and places it in the awaiting ones hand.. that bears the symbol of chaos:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 Isn't my dagger good enough? 
 DamnRaven:	 it isnt powerfull..  
 TheRedLestat:	 What is death doing on this little rafter? 
 DamnRaven:	 it's his place in this realm.. ::watches the hand withdrawl and cautiously steps onto the raft  and he notices it is made of bones:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 I'll just wait here? 
 DamnRaven:	 if you wish to stay on that rock forever..  but i dont advise it 
 TheRedLestat:	 I wanna come!  
 TheRedLestat:	 but I didn't pay? 
 TheRedLestat:	 Look death 
 DamnRaven:	 i paid for both of us.. stay or come.. 
 TheRedLestat:	 I thought u'd be all big and bad 
 TheRedLestat:	 but your only on this river? 
 TheRedLestat:	 hmph 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::hops on the raft 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::holds Arioch's hand:: 
 DamnRaven:	 death has many forms ... i'd be carefull of what you say  
 TheRedLestat:	 That robe looks kewl tho 
 TheRedLestat:	 Where can I get one Death? 
 DamnRaven:	 ::the raft begins to drift away from the stone:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::clenches Arioch's hand::  
 DamnRaven:	 ::sits down on the smooth collection of bones and a red mist starts to appear arround them:: 
 TheRedLestat:	 ::lets his hand slip away because doesn't want to just sit because is scared::; 
 TheRedLestat:	 What happens if I even touch the water? 
 DamnRaven:	 it isnt water.. it's mercury.. i'm sure you know what that is ..  
 TheRedLestat:	 Can't I play with it as long as I don't eat it? 
 DamnRaven:	 no.. you can be poisoned from touching it 
 TheRedLestat:	 oh 
 TheRedLestat:	 How long is this going to take 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((::isgetting bitched at to get offline::)) 
 TheRedLestat:	 *:: )) 
 DamnRaven:	 ((shrugs:: i'm just going over a story i'm working on writeing)) 
 DamnRaven:	 ((it would be quite a while)) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((So I can go?))) 
 TheRedLestat:	 ((can we finish this later tho?)) 
 DamnRaven:	 i hardly ever feel like RPing .. prehapse another time