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Row's Page

He is my one and only. I love him more than anything...and I still dont understand how he puts up with me :)

Well, this is my page. Not much, but something. For all of you that dont know already, I am 23, 5'7" with brown hair and blue eyes. I have been married to the most wonderful person I know for almost 3 years now. He is everything to me and I am proud to say, we got married on March 25, 2000. We are expecting our first child any day now! My estimated due date was 11-08-2001, and here we are past that. Will be getting induced on 11-15-2001 if this baby doesnt come out by then! Which we are hoping it will. Have been anxiously awaiting its arrival for 9 months now!

She arrived!! Look at our new arrival on Babys Page!!
Ok, now for my family,

There is Randy, who is my best friend. I hate to be apart from him. We have been together for almost 6 years now. I honestly dont know what I would do with out him.

My darling baby girl, Caitlyn Nichole. She is the joy of our lives, and the one who can drive us crazy! She is almost two now. Hard to believe. She is growing by leaps and bounds. Talking up a storm too. Caitlyn is absolutely goregous *yes I may be a tad biased!* She has amazing blue eyes! My little girl.......hehe

My mom comes next. We get along pretty good. Better now that Im not living with her! LOL She just recently got remarried, and is very happy. I am happy for her :) We dont always agree on everything but thats ok :)

My sister, who is now 16 and a brat..would be next. She is in high school rodeos now and doing good. No 1st places yet, but that will come in time. She runs barrels and poles and does goat tying. We are proud of her! Im sure she is going to get Caitlyn into all that! :) She absolutely ADORES her niece and the feeling is mutual!!! She plans on taking Caitlyn in play days this coming year, and doing lead line with her.

How could I forget to mention my brother?? Corey is my puter adviser...hehe..he works for an ISP right now..and gonna get him to build me a puter....he is too smart for his own good sometimes I think....haha but I love him anyhow! Who else would I go to when my puter pisses me off?? haha

Ok...some more about me I guess....

Some of my favorite dogs..of course!!...horses..I own a beautiful Appaloosa mare who had a beautiful filly on March 14, at 8:30 am. Indy has been sold and is at a wonderful home *that turned out not so wonderful, but that is a whole other story*. My favorite country singer is George Strait!!! WOOHOOOO and my favorite movie is Tombstone. My favorite colors are dark blue, forest green and plum...

I love to go horseback riding..and go galloping around the country side. I like to go play in the mud in my truck with Randy...even tho he does get carried away a little..but I just think its a guy thing!(and Im NOT talking about sex either!)

hehe speaking of sex...that is one of my favorite things too...I mean..who doesnt like sex???? *when we have time and the energy anyhow!!* lol Ro winks at Randy ;)

I would love to start a candle making buisness, but with the baby it will probably be awhile. If and when I do get it started, I hope all my friends buy some from me! :) Now that I have my own house, the candle thing just might get up and running in a few years!! :)

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