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My Wish List

My Wish List

This is all the stuff that one day...I will have. Might take me awhile, since it all is pretty expensive...LOL..but thats ok!!! :) Take a look...

This is a Friesan Stallion. One of these days, I am going to breed my Appaloosa mare to one. This is my favorite kind of horse. This stallion stands at 17.1 hands high and is still growing!! That is 69.6 inches tall!! :) This is one BIG horse :)

This is my horse trailer. It is definately fancy. This is what I would put my Friesan in! LOL

This is my truck! To pull my fancy horse trailer! :)

This is where I would put all my horses. I would have to have lots of babies to fill this up!! :)

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