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My Animal Family

Here are a few pics of my animals!!

This first pic is of Rowena. My special little dog! :)


This is Abigail. Randys baby. The only dog we paid for! hehe She is a pure bred Rottweiler, and the sweetest dog you could ever know! :) She isnt even two yet, but it seems like we have had her forever!!


This picture is of my big dog, Ziggy. He was adopted from the Humane Society, because Randy was working nights, and I was alone! With 3 little dogs. So I wanted a big dog, just to make me feel safer!! Ziggy was a foster dog, before we got him. He's had a hard life until now. I love him to death!!! Even if he does jump like a rabbit every time you get near him!! :)


~QUADCO HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY A GUY WHO ADORES IGS! HOPE YOUR DOING GOOD BUDDY!~ And here is my iguana, Quadco. I adopted him from my sister. Poor guy. He's had it hard too. He finally has the right care, so, Im hoping he grows up to be the biggest lizard he can be!! Right now, he is around 2 years old, and 33" long, nose to tail tip. Ill update often, so everyone can see how big he's getting!!

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