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Airazor Toy


Airazor Bot


Allegiance: Maximal

Function: Remote Air Reconnaissance

Beast Form: Falcon

Robotic Form: silver and taupe humanoid

Weaponry: -wrist missiles -sonic boom

Skills: -remote air reconnaissance -telephoto vision -hypersonic short range flight

First Appearance: The Spark

Character Profile

Background: Air Razor is a recent addition to the Maximals, created from a stasis pod's protoform transformer. While her innate transformer memories are intact, the planet is her 'birth world', and she feels more comfortable in Beast Mode. Attitude

Cheetor's chip was used to help creator Air Razor, so she is somewhat younger in attitude than the other Maximals. Like Tigatron, she spends most of her time outside the Maximal base. She is capable of flying quite fast in Beast Mode, but when absolutely necessary, she can stoop or dive falcon-style, then level off at top speed and transform into Robot Mode so her afterburners kick in. This way she can reach hypersonic flight - but it's extremely draining.


-Air Razor respects and admires Optimus. Only he knows the joy of flight. Besides, she is a Maximal and he is their leader.

-DinoBot makes her a little nervous, and she avoids him when possible. DinoBot is secretly somewhat unsure of himself around female warriors (unless they are trying to kill him) and keeps his distance as well.

-Rattrap's breezy manner does not offend Air Razor, but his attempts to be charming are wasted on her. She treats him as a skilled compatriot, but one who thinks fart jokes are funny.

-Cheetor thinks Air Razor is cool. They have a brother-sister bond that may stem from the fact that they share the same circuitry.

-Air Razor adores Rhinox as she might a favorite uncle. And that's how he treats her. After all, he was present at her 'creation'.

-Tigatron and Air Razor share the same love for the planet, and the urge to be in the wild.

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