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Welcome to the Transformers Monolith! You may have noticed that this website is going through a lot of changes right now. It is slowly being reformated so keep an eye out for new sections and features.

03/14/2002:! I'm sure you've already noticed, but you can now reach this site through this very cool domain! (thanks to my brother!) Unfortunately some graphics and design haven't been completed or are missing and I'm working quickly to get that all cleared up. I'm moving as much as I can off angelfire since their 100MB limited daily bandwidth doesn't go very far for this site. So please try and bear with their nsync ads or whatever crap they have for a just a little while longer. At least most of the content should be fuctional, so enjoy! In addition to all the design changes of the site, the new pic of the month is up as well! As far as transformers news goes, not too much as we wait for all the cool stuff coming out next month. It was revealed on a few toy sites that they will be releasing the rest of the G1 Autobot cars in Japan, though no official information has been released. It is also unknown if they will get a full release or if they will become the very pricey limited edition convention sets like last years bunch. You might also want to scope out for pics and info of their exclusive Hard Hero's Unicron statue that will be available this summer! And finally, you can now preorder the G1 DVD at Be sure to read the sets features they have listed there as well

02/11/2002: Transformers news is coming in fast and furious these days! Hasbro showcased there new Transformers toyline at Toyfair yesterday and you can check out awesome coverage of the event, at Altered States Magazine,, and

There's also a great article on Dreawave Productions featuring new Transformers comic art here. The article also discusses the storyline for the second Transformers G1 miniseries that will be written by Simon Furman. “The proposed story arc, though nothing is set in stone right now, looks set to take us right back to the very start of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Set on the Transformers’ homeworld of Cybertron, it examines the roots and causes of a conflict that will span millions of years, and spread out throughout the universe.” Thanks to Magnus PI for the heads up.

02/08/2002: If you haven't already caught it, have posted pictures of many of the new Armada toys coming out this fall! Also has added information about this new series.

02/04/2002: Fans of the original Transformers series are getting closer to getting everything they've been waiting for. With the release of first season of the toon being only a few months away, and with the amazing looking comic book and Transformers:Armada coming out around the same time, it looks like its going to be a awesome year for Transformers fans.

Meanwhile in page updates, you can swing by the pic of the month section, and take a look at February's pic. You'll also find a profile of HotRod up in the profiles section. If you haven't taken a look at the first 20 or so profiles in a while you should take another look as I've been cleaning up the images in them. There is also a new mp3 from Transformers the Movie in the Sounds Section and a new poll as well.

12/16/2001: Its been a while since the last update, but there's a lot of new things up! The new pic of the month is up and features some festive artwork. The Profiles section is back on track with a new update of the powermaster Doubledealer. There is new fanart both in the sketched and computer colored sections. There are also plenty of new mp3s and midis from Transformers the movie in the sounds section. And Rafael Wong updated his collection with nice pics of many of the latest reissues here.

To summarize the main Transformers news of late, Dreamwave Productions are working on a new Transformers comic series. They are going to be producing a comic series based on the original G1 characters, as well as an additional series based on the new Transformers! That new series is currently being called Transformers: Armada, and will be released later next year as a new cartoon and toyline! Check out for more on that.

10/03/2001: The Pic of the Month for October is up, and features an awesome new pic! Also, I didn't get a chance to post an update about it, but the September pic of the month was also up, and featured a peice honoring those who were killed in the tragic attacks on the US. There is also a new poll up in the Polls section and new catalog scans in the Catalog Archive. I'm trying to finish up many other new things for the site, and they should be ready soon.

08/02/2001: Its been a long time coming, but I've finally updated the Transformers Monopoly pages! There are a ton of new pics up of the Transopoly Board Game here. Also I've added more information and a few pictures to the Making of Transopoly including some information on the Next Transformers Monopoly project!

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Note: This site is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to infringe on rights and trademarks of Hasbro, Takara, etc. Monopoly and Transformers are registered trademarks of Hasbro Inc. Special thanks to all those web sites from which the images in Transformers Monopoly were drawn from. Thank you for visiting my website, feel free to email any questions or comments.The Transformers Monolith is optimized for viewing with 800 by 600 Screen Resolution.


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