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D. Gottlieb's 1973 'Pro Football'

Pro-Football/ D. Gottlieb & Co., February 1973, 1 player.
Model number: 336
Production run: 4500
Theme: Sports- Football
Features: Center Ball Shooter, 2 Vari- targets, 4 bullseye targets, 2 pop bumpers, 4 flippers.
Design: John Osborne
Art: Gordon Morison

(Information from the Internet Pinball Database.)

A Scan of the Advertising Flyer.

I picked this up at the "Pin a Go Go" May 19, 2000.

Pro Football Playfield

Comments on the Playfield.

It is rather difficult to hit either of the vari- targets even with the four flippers. The machine works best when set on "high tap" from the main transformer- it gives a little extra power needed for the 4 flippers.
The playfield has a symmetrical layout. I liked the design when I first saw it and thought it was unique with the ball launched from the middle. This maximizes the playfield area well.

Tips for a High Score:
Hit the vari- targets all the way back and get through the 500 pts./50 yd. lanes and a good strong roll through the spinner. 10 advances/ 100 yds. equals a touchdown (6,000 High score points and 6 point score points).

My all- time high score so far is 117,650/ Point Score 99 on 7/19/00.

For those of you who have the Pro Football, I have for sale or trade reproductions of the labels you see on the 4 flippers. For more info, e- mail me from the main page.

As of 8/26/00 this machine has a happy new owner and good home. I will miss it after all the work I put into it, but I now have the room to take on other projects.

For details on the restoration of this machine,

Backglass/Backbox Restoration- Before

As you can see,the backglass and cabinet were in pretty bad shape. Here is a picture of how it looked before I started any restoration.

Backglass/Backbox Restoration- After

Here you see the Back box after restoration. I found and bought a very good condition glass to replace the bad one.

I wish to acknowledge people who helped me in various ways with this machine:
Alan Van Nevel- Selling me the machine.
Dan Kramer- Parts, technical help and information.
Pinball Resource- Parts and paperwork.
Pete McDonald- Paperwork.
Jay Lockard- Paperwork.
Dan Schindler- Information.
Craig Armstrong- Parts.
Richard Tomes- Selling me the replacement Playfield and Backglass.

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