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Pinkids News Page

Pinkids Website News 5/16/00:

I returned from the Pin a Go Go in Dixon, Calif. Had a great time. Here is a link to a site of someone who took some pics:

Wulfus' Pin A Go Go Pics.

New page! I am doing digital reconstruction work on backglasses....check this page for my current project- link below.

I moved the Neoplanet skin samples and download links to their own page.

I did my first paid service job on a Gottlieb 1971 'Playball'. A picture of this machine can be found on my Gallery Page. Look for the link on the lower part of this page.

9/14/00 Current Project:
I am currently working on an idea of designing and building a 2nd playfield for the '300'. This one would have 8 drop targets and I would be able to switch out the original playfield- almost like having 2 games, but only one machine. The link to the new page documenting this project and pics of the cabinet repainting are below- '300 Page 2'.

I updated the '300 Page 2' with new pics of the cabinet repaint. Also, I recently serviced a 1969 Bally 'Bowl-O'. A pic of this machine can be found on the Gallery Page.

I shuffled and edited pics on the Pro Football pages and deleted the 'Before and After' page to make room for other pages I will be adding soon.

I am acquiring a bit of paperwork and decided to list everything on a new page: Pinkid's Paperwork- link below.

I just finished an Overhaul/Restoration job on a 1959 Williams 'Crossword'. A pic of this machine is now on my Gallery Page.

I sold the "Hot Shot' and got a 1975 Gottlieb 'Soccer'.

I now have the room to expand the website, so I added the Pin A Go Go 2000 page back in.

A couple of my friends who have sizable collections have given me permission to photograph and provide pics and info about their machines on my website. New pages and pics coming soon, including:
1973 Gottlieb 'Sky Jump',
195? Gottlieb 'Universe',
and more....

2 Items: Went to the 2001 Dixon, CA. Pin a Go Go on May 19 and picked up an Advertising Flyer for my Gottlieb 'Soccer'. A scan of this is now on my Soccer Page.

Today I picked up a 1973 Gottlieb 'Jumping Jack' 2 Player machine. This will be a major restoration job as the playfield, Backglass and cabinet are very weathered and worn. May be a candidate for stripping and painting my own theme. Watch my Jumping Jack page for updates.....

I got some interesting info on 'Sample Games' from a friend and decided to use the info and create a 'Pinball Oddities' Page.
A section for the Jumping Jack is now added to the main page.

I acquired an original flyer for the Jumping Jack and a scan of it has been added to the Jumping Jack Page. Also, I have started the restoration of the Jumping Jack...look for a new page to be added soon documenting the restoration.

On June 30, I went to a friend's birthday Pinathon and had the chance to play a Gottlieb 1975 'El Dorado' and liked it very much! My friend referred me to someone who had one for sale and I am hoping to pick it up on Aug. 11. I've added a new page to my site about this game.

2 items: I recently completed a cabinet repaint/restoration on a friend's 1971 Gottlieb '2001' and am currently doing a restoration on a 1960 Williams 'Official Baseball' pitch & bat game. Pictures of both these games can now be found on my Gallery Page.

3 items: I completed the restoration of the "Jumping Jack" and it is now up and running fully functional with just a couple of minor tune-ups needed. Pics will be posted soon to the restoration page.
I am currently continuing the repair of the "Official Baseball" and also took on a small job of a tune-up on a 1976 Gottlieb "Ship Ahoy". Pics of this game are posted on my Gallery page.
When I finish that job, I have a 1971 Gottlieb "Lawman" to restore and pics of that game will be added after that game is done.
I have acquired more paperwork and will be updating my Paperwork page by 12-7-01 if not sooner.

Check my main page for the latest updates!

12/3/02: On June 11, I agreed to a deal with my friend Craig and got a 1950 Williams 'Dreamy'. This machine is very nice and will make a nice addition to my collection, although it will take quite a bit of work to restore. For more about this game, see link below.

I sold the 'Soccer' on Nov. 16, as I needed the money. It has a happy new owner and good home at a friend and client's home here in town.

My dad moved back to Calif. after working several years out of state, and decided to reclaim the 'Big Indian', so it was packed up and went back home over the Thanksgiving weekend.

My main page and previously owned page have been edited to reflect the changes in my collection this last month.

I have had repair/restoration jobs continuously for over a year now. I have since working on the 'Official Baseball' done work on a 1961 Chicago Coin 'Pro Basketball',a 1976 Gottlieb 'Jacks Open', a 1971 Gottlieb 'Baseball', a 1975 Williams 'Big Ben',and am currently working on a 1954 Genco 'Super Basketball' and a 1973 Gottlieb 'High Hand'. Pics of most of these games are on my Gallery page, with more pics to follow soon....

Dec. 26 I looked at a game my friend Craig picked up. He offered it to me if I was interested and we agreed on a deal. I wound up taking it home that day. A very nice Christmas present to myself! It is a 1975 Gottlieb 'Fast Draw'. A page has been added with details about the game. See link below.....
I Have been busy working on several games and, until recently, haven't had time to work on my own games. I am currently working on restoring the burned wiring in the 'Fast Draw'. I hope to have it up and running before Christmas. I recently repainted the cabinet, and pics can be found on the Fast Draw Restoration Page 1, link below. I will post pics of the wiring restoration- before and after comparison pics- once I get that done. After that, I will continue to restore the 'Dreamy', which I actually started restoring last year before I got so busy on other repair jobs.

Links to all other pages on my website.