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D. Gottlieb's 1973 'Hot Shot'

Hot Shot/ D. Gottlieb & Co., September 1973, 4 players.
Model number: 343
Production run: 9000
Theme: Billiards
Features: 2 banks of 7 Drop Targets, 1 Pop Bumper, 1 Kickout Hole, 2 Bullseye Targets, Ball Return Gate.
Design: Ed Krynsky
Art: Gordon Morison
Notes: A two player version was released as `Big Shot'
Game also produced in single player add-a-ball versions named `Pro Pool' and `Play Pool'.

(Information from The Internet Pinball Database.)

Hot Shot Head/Backbox

I picked up the machine on 6/12/00. I set it up and started working on it and have managed to play a few games on it even though it still needs a lot of work. The backglass is in pretty good shape and the colors are still vibrant.

Hot Shot Restoration/Overhaul

Week of 6/12- 6/18
Picked up the machine on 6/12.
During the week I cleaned some of the rollover contacts on the playfield, brushed the rust off of the front chrome pieces and polished them, removed all of the parts above the playfield and cleaned it and did touch up painting in the section around the 8-ball kickout hole. Ordered some plastics and misc. parts to replace.

Week of 6/19- 6/25
Started working on the backbox. Cleaned and lubed player 4 score reels. Did touch up painting near the ball drain area. Replaced coin labels and start button on front panel/ door. Recieved Paperwork and managed to get copies of the score/Instruction card set with the help of several people.

Week of 6/26-7/2
Completed touch up work and sealed and waxed the playfield. Cleaned and checked all the relays on the main motor board as well as took apart main motor and cleaned all motor switches and reassembled.
Cleaned and checked all the relays, player unit and replay unit in the backbox.
Sanded and sprayed a clear coat varnish on the playfield wood guide rails.

Week of 7/3-7/9
Started remounting everything on the playfield and Cleaned/ checked/ adjusted player 3 score reels.

Week of 7/10-7/16
Recieved 7 of the 14 replacement drop targets and disassembled, cleaned, reassembled with new targets the right target bank and remounted it and hooked it all back up. Replaced all the light bulbs throughout the machine.

Week of 7/17-7/23
Recieved the 2nd set of the 14 drop targets. Took apart the left target bank and one of the coils came apart and unwound. Also found one of the brackets that hold one of the coils was broken as well as the series bar. Fortunately, Pinball Resource had all these parts so I could finish rebuilding this unit. I recieved the parts on 7/21 and had the machine up and running on 7/22 with just a couple of minor problems to fix.

Week of 7/24-7/30
Finished PLayer 1 Score Reels and got the remainder of bugs out....

My High Score was 123,910 on 7-25-00, before I sold it.

As of 2/13/01 this machine has a new owner and home.

Hot Shot Playfield

I like the playfield layout, especially the drop target arrangement. Following are some pictures of the before and after playfield touchup I did.

The above shot is of the 2 target banks before I replaced the targets. As you can see from the picture above- right, they have been replaced with all new matching targets. What a difference this made!

Hot Shot Flyer

I picked up the flyer at the Pin a Go Go in Dixon, Ca. May 19, 2000.

I wish to acknowledge people who helped me in various ways with this machine:
Dan Kramer- Selling me the machine, parts, paperwork and technical help.
Pinball Resource- Parts and paperwork.
Pete McDonald- Paperwork.
David Gray- Paperwork.
Craig Armstrong- Parts.