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Pinkid's Parts For Sale

Following are pics and, if applicable, descriptions/info on parts I have for sale.

If interested in any of these, please contact me from the main page.

Gottlieb Score Motor

I have a Gottlieb Score motor, part #B-11550, 30V, 50 htz. Motor for sale. This was taken out of a 1975 'Fast Draw' that was originally exported to Germany. Because of the power differences, this motor will run about 20% faster if used here in the US. If you live in Europe, this motor would be compatible with your power supply. If you would like for your game to run a little faster here in the US, you could try it, but no guarantees. Asking $50 + postage, Or Best Offer.

United 'Shuffle Alley Express' Backbox

I have a backbox that has all the advance relays intact as well as the main power transformer. All units would need cleaning, lubing and adjusting. Asking $100 + shipping, Or Best Offer.

United 'Shuffle Alley Express' Backglass

I am taking offers on this item.