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Jason's 1965 Chevrolet El Camino

What This Page is All About:

Thanks for coming to my page. It's always under construction so remember to check back.

Assorted Pics of other cars.

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Before and After.

My Elky is a 1965 standard with a 283, air conditioning, and power-steering. It is all origional except for the wheels and some other little minor stuff.

This is the only picture I have available of my Elky, and yeah it does need some TLC, but it's well on its way. As of now it is missing the entire front end, doors, interior, motor, and trans.

This is a pic of a El Camino as it would have come off the showroom floor in 1965.

This is a pic of another 65 El Camino belonging to a guy named Cale. Mine looks alot like this now but will eventually change a little, even though I wouldn't mind it looking just like this.

We Love You Darren! December 29, 1982-June 27, 2000.
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This hits the nail right on the head:
"You're not going to get drag racers to stop racing. If they don't have the chance to do it responsibly in a controlled atmosphere, they're going to do it on the highways and jeopardize other motorists." -California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer John Escobedo on the dwindling number of Southern California's few remaining dragstrips to the associated press.

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