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This is where you will find the E-mail address and AOL IM name of the staff members. Each Staff members responsibilities are posted bolow.

PresZack Stormneo692224E-Mail
Vice PresVacantNoneNone


Pres - Runs the federation and has final say on all decessions. Will also decide fines and suspensions with the executive commitee.

Vice Pres - Handles all complants. The Vice Pres will suggest stripping titles, fines and suspensions. If the commish wrestles in a match, the V.P. will take over the commish's responsibilities.

Commish - Signs matches, physicly retrieves stripped titles and announces fines and suspensions.

Fines and Suspensions

Fines and suspensions will be determaned by the Pres. The Vice Pres and Commish will suggest any fines and suspensions. If any wrestler attacks an official (including referees) outside of a sanctioned match, that wrestler is subject to a fine, and/or suspension and may not be eligable to participate in the monthly Battle Royal. If a champion attacks an official, that title will be striped and that wrestler will not participate in the monthly Battle Royal and that title will be on the line in the monthly Battle Royal.