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There are not many rules for this fed, but here are some of them.

1. You can choose wrestlers from WWF or WCW/ECW or create one.
2. If you lose a match, don't bitch about it, you will get your shot at a title, just like everyone else.
3. You must roleplay 3 times a week. Roleplays are judged on quality, not quantity (Must be at least more than three lines). So the better your roleplay is, the better your wrestler does. Also all roleplays must be in by 6:30 PM Eastern Time on the day of the events.
4. You may use other people in your rp's, but you can't attack them, there's alot of people who don't like that, and I'm not looking to piss anybody off by doin this.
5.Event Interviews count as roleplays and may be worth more than a roleplay.
6. Last but not least, for fines and suspensions, look at the staff page for details.

If you abide by these rules, hopefully we will have no trouble with each other, and this will be fun for everybody. Thanks!