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ICWF Raw Results

An intro video plays. Once the clips are over pyros go off and the theme music plays as we join Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside.

[Earlier today, Howard Finkel - This match is a Hell in the Cell for the World title. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 289 pounds, from Phoenix, Arizona a member of Chronic Blaze he holds the title belt, Crymson!!!

[Crymson comes to the ring. ]

Howard Finkel - and his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Spaniard!!! (crowd boos **)

[Spaniard walks to the ring. Earl Hebner is the referee for this contest. Crymson tells Spaniard to kiss his ass. Earl Hebner checks Spaniard's boots and knee pads. (ring, ring, ring) Spaniard gets thrown into the corner and gets boot choked by Crymson. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - boot choke!

[Spaniard executes a ropeflip hiptoss on Crymson. ]

Jim Ross - Spaniard sends a message to Crymson courtesy of a ropeflip hiptoss.

[Now Crymson standing. Crymson uses a snap mare takeover on Spaniard. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Follows up with a snap mare.

[They lockup. Crymson sends Spaniard to the corner of the ring. ]

Jim Ross - weak move by Crymson.

[Crymson comes from behind and bulldogs Spaniard. Crymson gets back to his feet. Spaniard trys for a brain buster but is not strong enough to lift Crymson.Spaniard and Crymson move to ringside. Spaniard chokes Crymson with a camera cable. ]

Jim Ross - Nobody can top our wrestling action here in this company!

[Spaniard hits a ropeflip moonsault on Crymson. Spaniard stands up. Spaniard and Crymson climb into the ring. Spaniard throws the steel steps at Crymson. Spaniard jumps off of the turnbuckle nailing Crymson with an Asai Moonsault. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Nice asai moonsault by Spaniard.

[Spaniard stands up. Spaniard covers Crymson. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 Crymson escapes. ]

Jim Ross - Crymson had better be more careful, or else he may get beaten next time!

[Now Crymson standing. Spaniard puts Crymson in the double reverse chinlock. Earl Hebner is checking for a tap out. ... ... Spaniard tightens the hold. Crymson escapes. Spaniard slams Crymson on the tacks! Spaniard dropkicks Crymson to the knee. Spaniard sucks chants start in the crowd. Spaniard is up again. Crymson moves back to his feet. Spaniard puts Crymson in the double armbar submission. Earl Hebner is checking for a tap out. ... Spaniard tightens the hold. ... Spaniard tightens the hold. ... Spaniard breaks the hold. Spaniard trys for a fisherman buster but is not strong enough to lift Crymson.]

Jim Ross - Is Spaniard good or what!

Jerry "The King" Lawler - No way man.

[Crymson hits Spaniard with the spinebuster slam. ]

Jim Ross - A great spinebuster! Maybe the greatest I have seen!

[Now Crymson standing. Spaniard gets away from the tacks. Crymson sets Spaniard up DDTs him into the mat. Crymson and Spaniard move to ringside. ]

Jim Ross - Crymson can never win this match if pins don't count.

[Spaniard climbs to his feet. Spaniard grabs Crymson's arm and strkes his elbow. Spaniard chops Crymson. Crymson hits Spaniard with a running powerbomb on to the ringside mat. Spaniard heads out the door. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Ha!

[Spaniard gets up. Flying side kick by Spaniard takes Crymson off his feet. ]

Jim Ross - flying side kick!

[Now Crymson standing. Spaniard hits Crymson with an earringer. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Crymson takes a earringer.

[Crymson double underhook faceslams Spaniard hard to the Spaniard. Spaniard is back on his feet. Spaniard trys for a stomachbreaker but is not strong enough to lift Crymson.Spaniard with a high crossbody on Crymson. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - high cross body by Spaniard.

[Crymson climbs to his feet. Crymson tackles Spaniard and pummels his head. Spaniard gets back to his feet. Spaniard comes from behind and bulldogs Crymson. Spaniard is back on his feet. Crymson stands up. Crymson goes for a head and arm suplex but Spaniard dodges the attack. Spaniard trys for a Mexican hiptoss but is not strong enough to lift Crymson.Spaniard trys for a top-rope powerbomb but is not strong enough to lift Crymson.Spaniard throws the steel steps at Crymson. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - The ICWF is the only place to find matches like this! These guys are almost as good as me. Wouldn't you agree?

Jim Ross - You are wrong!

[Crymson picks up Spaniard and hits him with the Death Valley Driver. ]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Nice Death Valley Driver by Crymson.

[Spaniard delievers a knee to the midsection of Crymson. Spaniard begins to taunt Crymson when suddenly the lights go out.]

Jim Ross - What in the heck?

Jerry "The King" Lawler - I can't see a thing JR!

[The lights just as quickly as they went out come back on. Inside of the ring we see tht Crymson is back to his feet standing toe to toe with Spaniard with a microphone in hand., but they aren't alone. In each ring corner a masked man stands.]

Crymson - You really didn't think I cared about you or this match did you? The only thing I cared about was showing you what happens when you piss me off. These men standing around me, you might recognize them, in the past, they've helped me take out a great deal of men, now it's your turn.

[The men in the corners one by one begin to remove their masks. The crowd begins to cheer as they see three men they haven't seen in months and another whom they see quite often.]

Jim Ross - Good Lord, do you see what I see?

Jerry "The King" Lawler - I see it, but I certainly don't believe it.

Jim Ross - X-odus along with Scott Steiner, Rhyno and Tazz! Former members of Chronic Blaze have come back to haunt Spaniard!

[Spaniard doesn't know what to do, as he looks around confused. He turns one way and then another trying to find an escape. As he attempts to me a run for it, he gets caught by Project Xile and stumbles back into Tazz who then locks in the Tazzmission. Spaniard begins to turn blue when Tazz finally lets go. Steiner then walks over to Spaniards limp body and applies the Steiner Recliner. The screams of Spaniard begin to overbear even the crowd noise. After a few moments of this, Steiner lets go and Crymson walks over to Spaniard. He kicks Spaniard in the face and then X-odus comes over to help Spaniard to his feet. Barely able to stand, Spaniard wobbles when he's suddenly hit by a Gore from Rhyno.]

Jerry "The King" Lawler - GORE! GORE! GORE!

[Spaniard rolls helplessly on the ground as Crymson moves over to him and kicks him again. He then picks him back up, setting up for Crymson Rain and then plants Spaniard into the canvas. Spaniard no longer seems to be moving once Crymson gets back to his feet.]

Jim Ross - Can you believe what we're seeing? Crymson and X-odus along with former ICWF superstars and more importantly, former Chronic Blaze members, just systematically destroyed Spaniard.

Crymson - So Spaniard, you wanted to play the piss off game and you won, but in a game like this, winning isn't all that and I'd rather be the loser for a change. For one night and one night only, my former Blaze brothers have come back to the ICWF to rid it of a disease and that disease is you. Now, one last form of business left to attend to.

[Crymson orders everyone out of the ring and out of the cell, but then calls for the referee. Crymson walks over to Spaniards prone body, moves him onto his back and then steps on his chest. The referee makes the count...1....2....3]

Howard Finkel - The winner of the match and still ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, Crymson.

Crymson - And with that, Blaze out, bitch.

[Crymson kicks Spaniards motionless body once more before he begins to exit the ring and walk of the cell.]

[The crowd goes nuts. Crymson turns to see Brian Richards standing at the top of the ramp with a sledgehammer in hand. A smile on his face as he looks down at the World Champion. He raises the sledgehammer and rests it on his shoulder. He takes a mic from out of his tights and looks down towards the ring.]

Brian Richards - know, some may say we were the best tag team to ever grace the ICWF ring. Some may say that the three of us, Chronic Blaze, were the most vicious, hanous group to ever grace the ICWF. those people they were right. But like you said, you and X are going back to the old school. Well....let me just say that you two arent the only ones. Crymson, when you sprayed that red mist into my eyes, and then took the sledgehammer, and drove it straight into my chest, that only showed that you are exactly what you say you are. A cold hearted son of a bitch! You could have killed me, you could have stopped my heart, I could have died right there in the middle of the ring. But you just walked away. And X, he came down, got his shot on Krystal and Roberts, but then, instead of checking on me, what did he do, he joined his brother on the ramp and walked away. So that right there, just put X on my shit list. But its okay, I dont need you two. Everything I did, every singles titles I have held, I did on my own. I never needed Xodus and Crymson. Crymson....just like you said...I WILL win the Royal Rumble on Sunday, and I will be going to Wrestlemania, but the only question is..... will you be going there as well? Because if so, then the Main Eevent of Wrestlemania, will be one of the greatest matches that these fans have ever seen. But....getting back to the point I came out here to make. Crymson, both you and your brother have pissed me have took a man, and pushed him over the edge. And as I stand here looking at this sledgehammer, I cant help but to think of just a couple questions. One, how hard to I need to hit you with this to pretty much destroy your chances of facing me at Wrestlemania? And second, whoever faces me at the Rumble for my European they realize that they are taking on one sick psychotic bastard? Third.....when, where, and how will I seek my revenge, and bring down the one thing that no one seems to take out....Chronic Blaze? So Crymson...until then.....I'll be seeing you around. And good luck this Sunday, you just may need it.

Richards drops the mic and point towards the ring at Crymson with the handle of the sledgehammer as Raw goes off the air.
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