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ICWF Multimedia Page

Here are the different wrestler themes. They are organized by file type. (ex: .wav, .mpg, etc.) Also I would appreciate it if you would report any dead links to me.

.Wav Files


Chris Benoit

Edge (full)

Brian Richards

Hardy Boyz

Jeff Jarrett

Chris Jericho (Full w/ countdown)

Matt Roberts (Face)

New Blood


ICWF's PPV theme

Raw Theme

SmackDown Theme

Test (old)

Test (new)

DX (Original)

.Mpg Files

HHH's Titon Tron

Chris Jericho's Titon Tron

The Rock's Titon Tron

.Ram files

Undertaker (Old School)

Owen Hart (Old School)

Bret Hart (WWF)

More to come later. Also submit your ideas to me.