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Matt Roberts:
Weight:215 pounds
From:Los Angeles, California
Finishing move(s):Shooting Star Press/Twist of Fate
Titles Held:Current World (1), IC(1), European(2), Hardcore(2), Canadian (1), Tag(3), Lightweight(1) Champion.

Now currently the leader of The Elite. Matt Roberts is the first ever Grand Slam Champion. (Held every title) Matt is also a former two time tag champ. Became a member of Toxic. On 4/20/00 he broke away from Toxic and formed The Elite with The Rock, Test and Lexi. He was formaly known as Too Buff. Has held the IC title in the NWA. One of the top competitors in the ICWF.

Weight:282 pounds
From:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finishing Move(s):Flying Elbow Drop/Pump Handle Slam
Titles Held:Hardcore(4), Tag(1), Canadian (U.S.) (1)

Was a member of Toxic. He broke away from Toxic along with Too Buff and Lexi. Started The Elite. First wrestler to hold the Hardcore Title 4 times. When Matt Roberts broke up The Elite, Test joined Edge and started the cWo. Benoit and Lance Storm later joined this Canadian group. Test left the cWo and joined New Blood at Survivor Series 2000.

Weight:115 pounds
From:Los Angeles, California
Finishing Moves(s):Diving Hurricanrana/Moonsault
Titles Held:Current Women's(4)

Started career in the NWA along with Matt Roberts. Came to the ICWF along with Matt Roberts. Started The Elite. Became first ever Women's Champion. Had first ever Inferno Match at Ground Zero with Lita. Lexi is the first woman to hold the Women's Title three times.

Lil C:
Weight:225 pounds
From:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Finishing Move:The Sizer
Titles Held:Lightweight (1)

Became Lightweight Champion on Raw is War on July 25, 2000. Has beaten Test at Badd Blood with his sumission move The Sizer. He is now fighting along side Toxic.

Weight:240 pounds
From:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finishing Move(s):Downward Spiral/Spear
Titles Held:Current IC(2), Tag(1)

Edge is one of the brightest young stars in Federation history. Whether it be competing with his fellow Chronic Blaze team mates or flying solo, this up and coming talent always "reeks of awesomeness."

JJ Rider:
Weight:265 pounds
From:Chicago, Illinois
Finishing Move(s):Dominator
Titles Held:World(1), IC(1)

Rider has been a force ever since he entered the ICWF. He's held two Titles, World and IC. He joined the Elite along w/ Too Buff then left for personal reasons. Now he's back with Roberts in the New Blood. He's ready for all challengers and will not stop until he reaches the top once again.

Weight:135 pounds
From:Albany, New York
Finishing Move(s):Jackie-Bomb/Tornado DDT
Titles Held:None

Joined sides w/Rider at Armageddon and now has begun her career in the ICWF after having a son. Now she looks to get the Women's Title and become a superstar in this federation.