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Weekly Byte! for January 269th, 2002

Weekly Byte! w/ B.C.

Ladies and gentleman, it is now time for another edition of the "Weekly Byte". What? I said it's time for the "Weekly Byte" What? What? What? I watched Raw...What? I said I watched Raw. Heard Austin talk...What? Yeah you get the point. You see how annoying this can be? I will be the first to admit it. I loved the "What" catchphrase. It was funny as hell. Because people only did it to piss Austin off when he was a heel. Now that he is a face, they do it not only for Austin, but to pretty much anyone else who has a mic in their hand. Dont beleive me? Kurt hometown hero, and look at what those fans are doing to him. He can't say one word without the fans throwing a few thousand "What"s his way. I feel for him..I really do. You think it's only heels that are affected by it? Your wrong. Triple H comes back, and what do you here when he reminds us who he is? What? What? Yeah....that was a slap in the face to Triple H. This man went through 8 months of doing nothing but rehab, and this is how the fans welcome him back? That same night, Lilian Garcia comes out to sing the National Anthem. She has the most beautiful voice in person....and after every line....What? And this is the people in the city that was hit the hardest by the September 11th attacks, NYC....and they have the gull to do this? They should be ashamed, but then again, it is maybe they don't care about anything but themselves. Yeah I said it, so I'm a boy from Pittsburgh, it needed to be said...I said it.

With today being January 26th, that means that if all goes well...tonight I will be enjoying a WWF house show in Mellon Arena. Hopefully Kurt will get the respect he truly deserves in his hometown, I know I will be cheering him. But then again....I cheer everyone. Well. except for Billy and Chuck...something isnt quite right about those too. Billy slapped Chuck's ass on Smackdown....need I say more? Finally before I go, I would just like to remind everyone that the ICWF will be having their Royal Rumble this Sunday. The card is good, the World title match should be a great one, but we need to Roleplay. That is the only thing stopping this PPV from being great. Until next week....