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Weekly Byte! for December 29th, 2001

Weekly Byte! w/ B.C.

Ok so here we are again, winding down another year. Heading into 2002 I sit here at about to take the poll on "Best's of 2001". But instead of doing their little "poll" I figure I'd just take the categories and give my answers right here. Hey I told you last time I was gonna do something different, and I didnt lie. Did I?

"Superstar of the Year"- For this, I would definately have to say Kurt Angle. I mean look at the year he had. He won the WCW World title, the WCW United States title, the WWF Hardcore title, and the WWF Heavyweight title. He had a great one on one "wrestling" match with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania X7. He came within an eyelash of becoming the first guy to win back to back King of the Ring's. Overall, he had the best year in my opinion, and that is why he is MY "Superstar of the Year".

"Breakout Performer of the Year"- last your on your own! Splitting him and Edge up was the best thing the WWF could have done. People said both of them could not make it on their own. Well, Christian is Europ....excuse me, CHAMPION OF EUROPE, and Edge is IC champ. So who said they couldn't make it on their own. But Christian has had it better since the breakup. Beating Edge at Unforgiven for the IC title, having a tremendous Ladder Match the following month, and then beating Bradshaw for the Euro...damn, Championhsip of Europe. And now Christian speaks fluent European, and now he SO REEKS OF EUROPEAN AWESOMENESS!

"Match of the Year"- Wow, um, so many matches that I liked this year but I can only choose one. I think the one match that stands out in my mind is of course the Tag Team Title match on Raw. Steve Austin and Triple H defending against Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. Even though HHH injured himself and is out of the game until the 7th, he showed what desire and spirit he had by finishing the match. But, even thought Im ranting and raving about this match, its NOT my match of the year. I pick the King of the Ring Main Event. Oh yeah, Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit. It was a great match that got both Benoit and Jericho into the main event picture. Benoit of course ended up out for months after it, but look at where Jericho is at right now. Think this match may have had something to do with it?

"Catchphrase of the Year"- Now how the hell am I gonna choose just ONE?! "WHAT?!" "R-V-D!" "STAND BACK......THERE'S A HURRICANE COMING THROUGH!" "OH IT'S TRUE!" "FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO ......" "I DIDN'T SAY THAT! TELL ME I DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT!" Ahhhhh so many to choose from!

"Rivalry of the Year"- No doubt it has to be Austin vs. Angle. These two had great promos on each other. Austin throwing Angle's medals over the bridge, Angle taking Austin for a drive in Austin's new truck. Angle making Austin cry and beg while blindfolded on the bridge. Austin "injuring" Angle's neck just days before their title match in Angle's hometown *AHEM*. Angle making Austin tap out in PITTSBURGH PA. Angle winning the WWF Title in front of his family and friends *AHEM* in PITTSBURGH PA! *AHEM AHEM*.....Damn throat.

"Tag Team of the Year"- Hmm....with this, I could not tell you. I seriously don't have a Tag Team of the Year. But just to make you happy, how about Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn? They rule as a tag team...although I think they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror....yeah.

"Newcomer of the Year"- Newcomer? Does this count the guys from WCW/ECW that are "new" in the WWF because of the Invasion? Oh well. Before he got sidelined with an injury, I would definately have to say the "Man Beast' Rhyno. I know he only had the Hardcore and US title, but he did make a huge impact on the WWF when he came in.

"Entrance Theme of the Year"- Cmon, what do you think Im gonna say here? Something like "CHRISTIAN.....CHRISTIAN.....AT LAST YOUR ON YOUR OWN!" That theme, just like Christian, reeks of awesomeness. And just look at the entrance. Only a Champion of Europe deserves an entrance like that!

"Diva of the Year"- I like all of the women in the WWF. So I can't choose just one. They are all great in their own ways. I mean Lita wears the thong, and the low pants while she wrestles, Trish is just....Trish. Stacy Keibler has the best legs I have ever god the women of the WWF are great.

"Pay-Per-View of the Year"- "Unforgiven" I mean, it was in Pittsburgh....I was there...and Kurt Angle won an emotionally charged match to capture the WWF Title. What more could I ask for in a PPV?

"Storyline of the Year"- I would say the "Invasion" angle like everyone thinks I would say. But that would just go against everything I stand for. They hyped up that thing so much, and it sucked. They went the wrong way with it. Instead of having the actual talent of WCW and ECW compete with the WWF, they decided to throw over some of the big names to help them out. Austin, Angle, Christian, Test, Ivory.....ok I thought it was WCW/ECW against WWF...not WWF/WCW/ECW vs. WWF! But anyways, storyline of the year had to be Benoit taking Angle's gold medals and leading to great matches with the two.

"Moment of the Year"- Angle and the milk truck. It was priceless. And he was just giving them all milk to make Debra's cookies go down a little easier. Thats all he was doing. Cmon, would an Olympic/American Hero set out to embarass everyone that has pissed him off? ......Your damn right he would!

"Relationship of the Year"- Lita, Trish and me. What? mean in real life? Oh ok, um, I would have to say Matt and Lita I guess. It made Team Xtreme a little more solidified, and then again it led to their downfall. Although, I still think I should have been dating Lita....not Matt. I mean what does he have that I dont have? .....On second thought....don't answer that.

Well there are my winners for all of the categories. I tried to keep you guys...and ladies amused. Whether I did or not is another question. Next week.....well.....Im not sure what I'll do next week. Probably something to do with Triple H since his return is rapidly approaching. So until then, this is BC. Later and have a good and safe New Year's.