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Weekly Byte! for December 20th, 2001

Weekly Byte! w/ B.C.

Ok, well since I only heard feedback from like, three of you, and it was all positive, I'm back! Whether all of you like it or not, oh well, Im here to stay, at least for the time being. Last week I expressed my opinions of Chris Jericho winning the "Undisputed World Title" at Vengeance. And just like I told you I would, this week I will tell you all why Test is going to be a major player in the year 2002. So here we go.

It all started when he joined the "Alliance". Test then became a different kind of champion like every week. Tag, Intercontinental, you name it, it seemed like Test had it. Sure he didnt always win it fairly, but cmon, who is gonna question the ref's 1,2,3? Anyways, Survivor Series rolls around and he is in a great rivalry with Edge. He loses the Unification match to Edge, so if The Alliance were to lose, which they did, he would be out of a job. So what did the big man do? He used his smarts. He beat the living hell out of Scotty Too Hotty, and took his spot in the Immunity Battle Royal. He goes into that match, wins it, and cannot be fired for a year.

All of a sudden Test has an ego, which every young superstar needs if he wants to be good. Dont believe me? Look at RVD, Shawn Michaels when he first went solo, you need attitude, you need to be cocky, and thats exactly what Test is starting to get. Test needs to use his size and quickness to dominate his opponents like he has been doing. I remember around Wrestlemania when he had the Euro title, everyone was criticizing him for his matches. Saying he used to many "big time" moves too early in the match. I disagreed with everyone who said that, I dont know why I did, but I did. Maybe I was just young and stupid then, but now look at Test. He is getting ready for the push he has deserved for a long time now. By throwing him into a fued with a "star" like the Croc....I mean Rock, Test will get to prove all of those doubters wrong. And if he beats the Rock, which I know he can, he will sky rocket to greatness.

I know Im going to get major heat for this week's column, but I like Test. If you dont agree with me, thats fine, you dont have to. People like who they wanna like. You cheer who you wanna cheer, and boo who you wanna boo. Im not gonna sit here and tell you who to cheer or boo. This is the US of A damnit and we have a right to say what we want, as long as it doesnt affend anyone.....I think thats how it works, not really sure about it....oh well. I think Ive ranted enough this week. For next week, well, Im not really sure what I wanna do yet, so I will surprise all of you, and trust me it will be good. Oh its true, what? I said its true suckas!