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Okay,we missed a Raw Card, but I have made the next SmackDown card. So far there are two title matches. There are also a few new members added to the roster. Be sure to check the roster out if you recieved an e-mail to see if you have been added! This marks the return of the ICWF to full swing. Hopefully this return will last for a very long time. Now I will have the Raw card made soon, and you may roleplay for it. I promise you all that things will be back to normal. We are still small, but I hope we can grow once again. So until the next update, keep roleplaying and have fun.

Pres - Zack Storm

Match of the Week:
Flamming Table Cage Match:
Matt Roberts vs. Chris Jericho

Quote of the Week:
No one will ever be able to beat... me. - Krystal

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[ Roleplay Board I Raw I Smackdown I PPV ]

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