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Hardcore Title 24/7 Rules

Listed below are the rules for the Hardcore Title 24/7 rule.

1. In order to get a shot at the title anytime during a card, you must fill out an interference form.
2. In the form you must tell me that you want the match to be a Hardcore title match.
3. In order to win the title, you must out roleplay the champion, but you must NOT say you are going to attack the champion during a card. You must just roleplay better than the champion.
4. The Hardcore Champion MUST make good roleplays in case there may be an attack on him for the title. The Commish and I will both judge the roleplays and will decide what goes down at the event.

Hopefully these rules are not to complicated and the title will be defended at least once per card. You may also e-mail if you still have any questions.