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These are the types of matches availible. Some ar career threatning and very dangerous. I have indicated them with stars. More are in the makes!

Standard Match

1st Blood:Make your opponent bleed!

2 out of 3 falls:win 2 pinfalls or subissions out of 3.

Fatal Four Way:Four in ring at once (no tags.)

*Back Alley:Hardcore rules fight in a alley

*Ambulance Match:Throw your opponent into the back of an ambulance!

*Back Yard Brawl

Bar Room Brawl

**Barbed Wire Tack Pit Match:Throw your opponent into a pit of tacks and barbed wire.

***Barbed-Wire Cage Match

**Barbed-Wire Match

***Barbed Wire Buried Alive Match

**Barbwire ropes match

Over the top Battle Royal

Battle Cage Battle Royal

Bikini Match:Standard match for Women, but in Bikinis.

Blood Bath Match

*Boiler Room Brawl

*Buried Alive Match

Cage Match

*Car Trunk Match:Throw your opponent into the trunk of a car!

*Casket Match

Double Table

*Dumpster Match:Throw your opponent into a dumpster.

***Flaming Dumpster Match:Throw your opponent into a dumpster and light it on fire!!

Empty Arena

Evening Gown Match:Winner Strips the losser. (Women)

Evening Gown Pool Match:Same as standard evening gown match, but in a pool. (Women)

*Ladder Match:Climb the ladder and grab the object (belt) above to win.

Falls Count Anywhere:Pins and Submissions count anywhere. (Hardcore style)

***Flaming Casket Match:Put your opponent in a casket that is on fire to win.

****Flaming Hell in a Cell:A hell in a cell match with the cage on fire!

****Flaming Table:Drive your opponent through a burning table

**Glass Table:Drive your opponent through a glass table to win.

*Grave Yard Casket:A casket match in a graveyard.

**Graveyard Match:A hardcore match in a graveyard.

*Handcuff:Handcuff your opponent to win.

**Hardcore Battle Royal:A hardcore style battle royal only pinfalls and submissions count.

*Hardcore Cage

*Hadrcore Casket

*I Quit:Make your opponent say "I Quit."

***Hell in a Cell Ladder Match:A ladder match inside a Hell in a Cell.

**Human Torch Match:WCW Style

*Indian Strap Match:Both opponent are tied together by a leather strap. Be the first to tag all four ringposts to win.

***Inferno Ladder Match:Same as Ladder match, except the ring is surrounded by fire.

*Last Man Standing:Match goes until one participant can't go anymore.

**Lion's Den:UFC Style.

***Flaming Lion's Den:Same as above, but with walls of fire.

***Weapon Filler Lion's Den:Same as Lion's Den, but with weapons.

*No Holds Barred:Anything goes!

******Scaffold:Fight on top of the scaffolds, winner throws opponent of the scaffold and onto tables at the bottom!

Submission Match

*Table Match

*Tag Team Cage

*Tag Team Ladder

**Triple Cage:Triple layer cage match. Get outside the top cage to win!

**Weapon Filled Cage

Women's Hot Tub Match:Pretty self explainitory.

**Bed of Nails Match

Pink Slip on a Pole

Empty School Match

******Ring of Fire Pit:A ring is in a pit. Fire is at the top of the pit. The only way to win is to knock your opponent unconcious.

*****Hell On Top Of A Cell Match:You fight on top of a hell in a cell cage! If you fall off, you have 10 seconds to get back up!

****Cage Top Battle:Basically the same as above, except when you fall, you land on tables below and lose.

****Demon Match:Wrestle in a cage with burning walls.

*****Hell's Worst Nightmare:The name says it all!

Tag Team Flag Match:Tag match were the object is to get your country or stables flag.

***TLC Match:A match with Tables, Ladders and Chairs, oh my! (win just like a ladder match)