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"Well sure, I guess I am fanatical. If I would have lived during the time of slavery I would have been on those night raids to liberate the slaves. I would have been made fun of for believing that blacks were the same as whites. I would have been called a fanatic. It's the same pompus attitude that serves us today and keeps the voiceless animals our slaves and our beasts of burden. Animals are animals and human beings are human beings. True enough. We all feel pain. It is scary when people feel indifferent about animals and their suffering."

Rikki (The fanatic)


"Next time you bite into a burger remember the mouthful of misery that you are digesting. Feel the dead flesh roll into it's newfound intestinal cemetary and decompose there until you S**T out whatever is left. Isn't it just a little nasty to think that when you are sick that you are puking out bits of dead flesh? Parts of an animal that was never given the chance to actually live a life worth a S**T? It felt, it had eyes that could look at you and it knew that last minute was it's final one. All this so you can f***ing say, "Oh, that was good!" If humans are so meant to eat flesh next time you have a hankerin' to eat some cow, jump on it's back and bite in with those teeth that were "meant" for meat. I betcha can't get through! Duh!"

For The Animals, Rikki Rockett


(In response to some rude, uncalled for comments from T.N.)

"He sounds like some old f***in' codger. Well, he kinda is, but then again, Steve Tyler doesn't sound weird and I think he's older. Ted's a winey assed f***. He just talks. No complete thoughts. Many people think they have me pegged. I do not live in the city in a high rise. I live in the high desert in a small town. I am not a Democrat, I am a Republican. I really am only what is considered liberal when it comes to AR issues and first semester abortion when there is no alternative. (It's a moral issue, not a Government issue). I am not anti-gun. I own three guns and I hike daily in the dry lake beds and the brush with my dogs. I'm not up puking from being drunk at 4:00 a.m. I do not hate Ted or his music, I hate his stance on animals. I do not come from a dysfunctional family, my parents are still together after 52 years. I don't do drugs. Have I? Yes. Do I? Not anymore. Am I a recovering drug addict? Nope, I never got hooked. Thank God. Have I been a pussy hound in the past? Yep. So was Ted, maybe we have one or two things in common. I don't wear leather, I don't eat at McDonald's, yes, I get enough protien and yes, I have a life. No, I'm not ill or lacking anything. I train in submission wrestling several times a week and help teach kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I also off-road several times a week, write music and have great friends from all walks of life. To repeat my self... Yes, I have a life! Too much stuff to do really. The more compassion I share, the more comes to me and the more the negativity rolls off me. I am saying all of this because of all the people who think they know who and what I am just because I fight for the rights of animals not to suffer and because I am a member and founding father of Poison. I would and do fight for the same compassion for people. It so happens that animals are my fight and passion. I was an EMT and volunteered for 3 years back in PA. The burning passion to help save animals stemmed from that to some degree and now animals are my focus and I am here to tell you that it is essentially the same fight. Compassion is compassion, on all levels. You can't draw a species barrier. Killing is killing. There is always an alternative. "People are compassionate up to the point that they are inconvenienced."

For the animals, Rikki!

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