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(Be patient...wait for the sound to load...his voice is soooo worth it!)

Rikki Rockett is a name most people associate with the 80's, big hair, lots of make-up and POISON! He is that but so much more. Aside from being the rock star drummer for one of the biggest bands in the last two decades, he is also one of the biggest voices for the animals that society ignores...the lab animals, the homeless animals, the slaughter house animals...and the stolen companion animals...he's a voice to be heard in making people aware of the horrors and heartbreak of PET THEFT.

Getting his message out to the public and raising public awareness has been Rikki's mission for many years now. He's a compassionate, passionate, gutsy guy who isn't afraid to very articulately speak his mind...and he never minces words. These qualities have made him the ideal spokesperson for
Last Chance For Animals.

When he isn't campaigning for the animals, in the studio or touring with POISON, he's still going full speed.
Take a look at his website...all kinds of fun stuff there.

Check out his solo CD project, his tribute
to the 70's glitter/glam bands, "Glitter 4 Your Soul" .