Lotto Scratchers

Floyd and I have an agreement to split what we win. But I'm not sure we're really winning. What do you think?

03/03/03: Received one scratcher from Floyd. “Lady Bucks.” Won a free ticket!! I went to the store with Floyd that night and got my $1. Floyd and I each bought a ticket (Lady Bucks again) and lost. Then, we each chipped in 50 cents and bought one more ticket, and won $10.

Profit: $7 (I used my money to get a My Little Pony off eBay)

03/04/03: Bought a Lady Bucks from Albertson’s and got denied.

Lost: $1

03/05/03: Floyd and I went grocery shopping and picked up a Lady Bucks on the way out. Denied again. Maybe we should try a new game.

Lost: $1

03/07/03: Bought two today. This is becoming an addition? The first one was this morning before work… I told myself if I won something, it was gonna be a good day. I didn’t win. But this evening I got another one, and won a free ticket. I haven’t claimed it yet.

Lost: $1

03/08/03: Damn. Addiction reared its ugly head today! Floyd and I went to the gas station today, where I claimed my free ticket, and didn’t win anything. We went to Malibu to kick it at the beach, and later went to Ralphs so I could pee. We passed the lotto machine and Floyd wanted to play. So, he bought two “In The Bank” ones, and lost. Since there’s a 1-in-3 chance of winning, I bought one more, and we won $4. We decided not to claim it right then. Later, we went to another Ralphs and got the $4, and bought four tickets and we only won a free ticket. The free ticket was also a loser. If I remember correctly, this is where Floyd and I (but mostly Floyd) went on a scratching frenzy! I don’t remember much, but I think we got like 8 more tickets and lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost. Because the lotto sucks. And we’re suckers. As if it weren’t bad enough, LATER (technically late enough to be 03/09/03), we were at yet another Ralphs, and on our way out got three more tickets. Nothing. So, we’re in the hole.

Lost: $11 (?)

03/09/03: I think I need to intervene... Floyd’s addicted! He bought $7 of Lady Bucks and didn’t win anything. I bought $3 worth, and won $2. I checked, the tickets say there is a 1-in-5 chance of winning, and a 1-in-11 chance of winning cash. I think the key is to move up to the higher-end scratchers (like the $2/$3 ones).

Lost: $8

03/10/03: Floyd brought me two tickets this evening. One was a loser, and one was good for a free ticket. Haven't gotten it yet.

Lost: $1

03/11/03: It's only 10:00AM today. I'm at work. I got my "free" scratcher this morning and said "If I win something, today is going to be a good day." And, I won $6. But I think betting on a good day at my work is more ridiculous than playing the lottery. I don't think I have a good day every 11 days or so. Well, soon I hope to post my Things I Hate About My Work list. Cory and I are working on it.

I was thinking this morning, if I won $50 Million playing the real lottery (like, the daily numbers or whatever), I think I would come to work anyway. And I would tell my boss what I think of her. And, she would fire me, and I would collect unemployment money. Is there anything against that? like you can't collect unemployment if you are a millionaire? I think I'd better look into it first.

Profit: $6 (or maybe $5, because I counted the free ticket as a profit of $1 yesterday, so technically I spent a dollar today?)

03/11/03 Again: I bought three more tickets - lost. Oh, well. I also bought Floyd a ticket, and he lost too. BUT, he bought a ticket for himself and won $6.

Profit: $2

03/12/03:Wow, yesterday seems so long ago. I'm pretty sure I bought a ticket yesterday, and if I did, I didn't win.

Possibly Lost: $1

03/13/03:I bought two tix today. One for me, and I didn't win anything. I'm gonna give Floyd the other one with his birthday present.

Lost: $1, so far.