Old Introduction: I’m flattered you’re interested in knowing more about me! Or maybe you’ve reached this page accidentally and now you’re frantically clicking the “back” button, but your browser is slow and you are being forced to stare at this page… Either way, I am taking great pleasure in your pain and suffering.

New Introduction: I don’t even know if people look at this page. I keep trying to get this crappy website listed on search engines, but I don’t think any of my attempts have been successful. If I’m wrong and someone found this page via a search engine, please let me know. Otherwise, there isn’t any point in me updating this. I do plan to have a real website one day, when I eventually have some extra time on my hands. But I don’t want to if no one is gonna look at it anyway. I’m Angela, and I’m 21 years old. I reside in Southern California. I am an “administrative assistant” in a computer service/sales shop. I enjoy reading (Bukowski) and writing. I play lotto scratchers in hopes of winning $100. I have over $12,000 in debt.

Things I Like

Cats, Coldstone Creamery, Jello Biafra, men who wear a little makeup, cotton undies, eBay, rain and cold weather, Dave Matthews Band, bad language, “Super Troopers,” photographs, the smell of alcohol, tattoos, police officers, zombie ducks, Boston Market, pillows, corgis, “Cowboy Bebop,” singing while driving, Herbal Essence lotion (which I think has been discontinued! Bastards!), punk kids, Maniac Mansion, Shawn Palmer Pro Snowboarder, watermelon, “American Psycho,” Subway sammiches.

Things I Don’t Like

Big dogs, bell peppers, dairy (lactose intolerant), caffeine, gelatin, water, scary movies, cole slaw, math, fundamentalist Christians, George Dubya, Dial soap, public restrooms, amusement parks, traffic as a result of people being retarded and looking at a lame accident, children, pork, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Easter, computers, old people, spiders (yeech), The Red Badge of Courage, group work, coffee, people and things that remind me of my job/coworkers, and popcorn. Among other things.

For fun, I hang out with Floyd. We have three kids. I don’t do much else. We spend lots of time getting ice cream/raspberry sorbet. Yum. I spend over 40 hrs a week at work. A portion of my time is spent on the Internet, looking at eBay. My favorite seller is Shrinkle.

Anyway, I don't feel like talking about myself anymore, so I'm going to stop. In a second. I am a really big jerk so don't instant message me or anything, but if you have any feedback on the page or whatever, email me or SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! If you sign my guestbook, people will think my website kicks ass because so many people are signing the guestbook. Unless you write something bad, in which case, email me. Or, even better, go fuck yourself.

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