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* the sisters *

These two girls here are completely and utterly amazing. One i have known ever since i was 8 years old, and the other i've only just gotten to know this summer. But despite both these facts, they're both terriffic people - full of depth and inner beauty.
me on yixz: yixz is one of the most mature girls i have ever known. She has a solution for everything and nothing ever, ever baffles her. Guys take to her (lol sorry dudes but she has a luvly mister) - lol imagine shopping with her - but besides this, she is one helluva friend. I've e-mailed her since she left hk which was when we were... 12 - and i've kept in contact with her eversince. No matter through e-mail or tapes or airmail >> we communicate - & she has never forgotten a single bday/xmas :) lol. *hugs girl*
me on erin: erin is the sweetest, cutest sister :) i luv her to death and she is just the best. i luv her site - it's amazing - really truly - the content is real and straight from the heart. i've only gotten to know her this summer but i already know that she's a lotta fun :) She lives in Ontario, Canda (i hence forth am not allowed to dis canadians - aw shux, sowwie jozz/andrew) and lol she's 1) an extreme moose luver (save the mooses!) and 2) an extreme Tyson *ahem* fan lol. *hugs and such girly*

* the partners *

me on vans: [my literary madness partner] vans (more commonly known as honey btw in case i'm confusing any of you) has STYLE. that's prob. the best way to describe her webdesign. She has a knack for pretty things, and if you need proof check out her version 3... i was completely and utterly wowed away. If anyone ought to be hosted it should be her. We have loads in common, and amongst many things is our obsession with qoutes :) the majority of her site is qoutes and i'm SO glad she decided to make it the way it is now. Check out her friendship qoutes they'll amaze you - and her poetry even more so. My personal fave is 'You' which is going to be published in's 'The Silence Within' and recorded in their three album collection 'The Sound of Poetry'. How cool is that? Convinced yet? no GO! shoo! (that is after you've finished my site :P) Congrats girly! *HUGS*

jacki's just become my partner in crime recently, i'm so sorry girly that i didn't make another page for that - lol you :( but anyways, she's a hard core blink fan lol... and she's wonderful - loads to do on her site! chek it out.

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