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Reviewers name:Lys

Reviewees Page:
*yesterdays child*

Our Link:5/5-Yep..there it is!

Dumb Words/ToGgLe/typos etc:9/10-I did see a few of these, but it wasn't enough to be overwhelming.

Navigation/broken links:9/10-Navigation was easy, I didn't see any broken links or images. But the navigation was fairly common.(left, right frameset, navigation on left... a lot of people have that)

Uniqueness/Creativity:14/15-Your site is pretty different from sites I have seen. You did most of your own content and had a huge page of credits to people who's stuff you used. The frameset was pretty common though...but its still very nice:)

Content:18/20-You have a good amount of content, stuff about you, your friends, stuff for the visitors, and about your site. The only thing that was missing were things for other peoples pages, and a few more maybe"intereactive" things. It makes people want to come back to your page!

Layout/Color Scheme etc:25/30-You had a good color scheme going through out the page, the graphics on the subpages mostly dont match though.And the images were kind of just...everywhere and didn't match very well.

Overall Impression:9/10-I think your page is nice, and its evident that you put a lot of work into it. So maybe just change some of the things i suggested and keep up the good work!!!

89/100 :)

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At first...

Nice job here. You have a pic (a kind of freaky one, lol) requirements, counter, etc. But...I know you are probobly sick of hearing this, but that add at the bottom is really annoying. Try changing your splash to a page with a link that says "Break Free" that has a target=_self tag in it. The link would go to your normal splash page. Also, the Agnelcities pop ups are annoying too. Maybe you should look for a code that blocks them or go to another host. You main home page and menu are pretty kewl though, and I like your header and footer pic a lot.

Your Content!

Your subpages are all blue- I think you should probobly change them to match the menu background, or change the menu to match them. They do all match though, so that's good.

Your Friends section is very original! Great job I like it!

Your Writtings section is also very original and VERY kewl.

The Guest section is totally awesome- I love the Chick Flicks. You definitly are very original with your content.

The Site: very nice :)

Overall- Awesome job! Your content is very original, and that's a very big plus. Just tune up your layout a bit and and add some more subs and you're ready to roll ;)

Luv ya, Katrina