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* Do you still believe? *

"i still believe in santy clause...pwesents yay!"
"i still believe in fairies... * pixi dust * "
"...Well i still believe in unhappy spirits."

-October 1st 1999, Shooters 52

"All it takes is a little faith, a little trust - and a little pinch of pixi dust."
"But every time someone says 'I don't believe in fairies' somewhere a fairy falls to the ground dead."

-Peter Pan

Remember? Remember when there was still magic in your life - when you still cared?

There was a time when Tinkerbell was your best friend,

or when you'd walk into yr garden to meet the yellow fairy.

Where is that you now? It's still there - it's still in you - in your inner child... save it.

Their legacy is dying. The roses, babybreath and ferns they live among is dying out.

and one day, even the littlest girl in the world won't remember how to sprinkle fairy dust.

don't let them die.

* clap clap *

i do.

save the faeries: ( i believe in faeries )