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*Mystix & Star Signs*...The Wierd Stuff...


Gemini: You get bored easily.Try cross-training to keep your exercise routine interesting. Your Colours are Bright and Bold...Be proud, be flashy and show them that inside ure just as Brite or Bold, as you like to be different and to be able to surprise...Known as the flirt of the Zodiac, u have a rite to!

Libra: You're flexible, make the most of this with gymnastics or aerobic exercises. Your tendency to keep your feelings bottled up inside can translate to bad habits like nail nibbling. Keep yr nails presentable by paying more attention to them. As an air sign, sky blue and aqua are among your favorite colors, shows the sensitivity.

Aquarius: Unconventional is your middle name. You love to buy, buy, buy, and stick with the mod look. As the eccentric of the zodiac, you're willing to try new hairstyles rather than sticking with the same old style.You're social: team sports like volleyball, basketball or soccer are the way to go.


Taurus: Practical and down-to-earth, brown is a good color for you.Naturally cautious, you prefer smells, scents and deodarents that's tried and true, rather than something new. Thinking of going out for a sport? Try're sure to do're too "stubborn" to give up until you're successful.

Virgo: A neat freak...You like to keep your property clean and tidy. One way to do this: A Sassaby Organizer. Also, keeps everything from dishwashing liquid to makeup stuff. Preferring a fresh, natural look, on u and those around u, u try to discourage yourself and others from fussing with hair. Your advice? Get it cut in a simple style and have it trimmed regularly. Home alone is your fave way to workout.

Capricorn: Goal-oriented and driven, you like to stick to a schedule. Set aside one evening a week for all your differnt activities. Fragrances to you, is a status symbol. Deoderent, cologne perfume, whatever, MUST be a designer label. You're a natural leader, so why not try out to be the captain of the basketball, football or volleyball team. Be sure to stretch out b4 u workout though, you can be prone to sports injuries.


Aries: Energetic and driven, you're always on the move. Stick with a hairdo that's quick and easy. The style solution: Cut your hair a little shorter or, at least, get a good trim. Juggling school and your social life may leave you little time for your looks. n sports you want to be #1. Go out for track or tennis rather trying for the team.

Leo: You have a flair for the dramatic and a great smile! Make the most of it. It'll get you far. You have expensive tastes, but not always the budget to match. Faux is the answer. Energetic and social sports like racquetball or basketball fit your pace and personality.

Sagitarrius: If you're a typical Sagittarian, you have a love of nature, adventure and travel. So,when you're out and about, be sure to protect your skin by using a cream that contains an SPF of at least 15. You love fast food! Be careful, however, that this doesn't put on extra pounds, without you noticing. BUT CHILL YOU'RE JUDGING YRSELF TOO HARSHLY. A thrill-seeker-daring sports are your thing. This year, you may want to try snow-boarding. But, be careful-you need that protective gear.


Cancer: You try to see things from all sides before you make up your mind. Your love of family and friends makes you a bit of a homebody, so make sure your kitchen is stocked with low-cal snacks for when you get the munchies. Work out by running, brisk walking or bike-riding. These will get your into shape, relieve tension and give you time alone.

Scorpio: The most intense personality of the zodiac,ure mostly into deep, intense colors, especially shades of red. You're competitive: Individual sports, such as track, tennis or racquetball are your game plan.

Pisces: Extra emotional, you have a tendency to tear up easily, with your romantic style and emotions...You don't enjoy sports that are too physical or energetic. Yoga, swimming or using a stationary bike are more your speed, more "up your alley".